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Fafi Numbers Guide

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The Lucky Number Dream Guide, (or Fafi) is available on several local online gaming platforms in South Africa. The book includes a long list of numbers corresponding to various words and claims that our lucky numbers may be revealed in our dreams.

A dream involving an accident, for example, may suggest the number 3, whilst a dream about a baby may signify the number 9. Having a dream about a huge mansion could be number 25, eating chocolate in your dream could be number 49, and earning (or losing) money could be number two. These dream guidelines may be used for any lottery.

The dream interpretation is based on a variety of systems that come from old Chinese beliefs that some numbers are more auspicious or unfavorable depending on the Chinese word that the number name sounds like. Because their names sound close to words with positive connotations, the numbers 0, 6, 8, and 9 are said to have fortunate implications.

Chinese immigrants in South Africa established the Mo-China game, or Fafi numbers, which is said to have originated in South Africa and, although being outlawed in certain states, continues to thrive, particularly in South African townships.

The earlier betting method resembles a numbers racket. It involves a runner, typically a woman, delivering a bag of bets, together with the names of the betters and their money, to someone, generally a Chinese, who is visiting the person hosting the betting session.

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The Chinese person will grab the runner’s bag and tell her the winning number in hushed tones. The runner will then indicate whose number has won with her hands, and that person will be rewarded. Only one number is picked for each draw.

Today, internet betting sites like Betway employ a simpler procedure, where punters can use the guide to pick their lucky numbers for the lottery or to help them place bets elsewhere on the site.

How it works

Try to recall what you dreamt about as much as possible to figure out which numbers are lucky.

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The next step is to jot down what you saw in your dream and search for it in a list. If you had a dream about strolling by the lake with a dog, for example, your numbers would be Walk (45), Lake (1), and Dog (1). (40).

You dream of becoming pregnant while driving a luxurious car. A pregnant woman has a value of 20, a car has a value of 51, and money has a value of 2. So 20, 51, and 2 are your lucky numbers. Perhaps you dreamt that you were wealthy, or something similar.

When translating dreams to numbers, it’s best to start with the essentials, so if you can’t discover a match, reduce your dream down into its most basic form.

All of your dream words are presented alphabetically, from A to Z. The number next to each object represents the lucky number that came in your dream. Remember Betway is one of the available sites from which you can play the Fafi numbers game and win.

If your dream has more phrases and numbers than you need for your wager, consider which ones make you feel the best and cut the rest out.

If your dream has fewer words and numbers than you require for your wager, combine some or all of them to create new numbers, which you can use as well.

Source: Africa Feeds

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