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FDH Bank geared for last draw in ‘Be the One’ promotion”

BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)-FDH Bank’s ‘Be the One’ promotion has entered the final phase where a lucky customer is set to win a whopping MK2 million cash prize.

FDH Bank Senior Manager for Digital Sales Yamikani Mbawala said during the third draw of the promotion in Blantyre that the promotion is now in its final stages.

“Let the count-down to the last draw and the grand prize winner begin! Be The One. In a month’s time, one lucky FDH Bank customer will ‘Be The One’ to walk away with the grand prize of MK2 million.

“Imagine what MK2 million can do for your goals? This is why we say at FDH Bank, you indeed Grow With Us,” said Mbawala.

He said apart from the grand winner, 10 lucky customers will win MK50,000 each.

The promotion was launched three months ago and each month has seen one lucky customer winning MK500,000 with 10 others winning MK50,000 each.

“The objective of our promotion was two-fold, we wanted to encourage a savings culture in our customers as well as encourage them to make use of the digital platforms at their disposal and not always have tome to the branch to transact,” said Mbawala.

Customers on FDH Mobile and those with Ufulu Digital Account who transact at least three times a month or keep a minimum balance of MK20 000 for at least a month were automatically entered into this promotion.

“We are happy with the numbers that we have seen since the beginning of the promotion and the overwhelming response from our customers,” said Mbawala.

During the third draw of the promotion, James Jenda was a proud winner of the MK500,000 prize. There were other 10 customers who won MK50,000 each.



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