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Fight at UTM leader Chilima’s residence……Kalinde insulted, chased at Lilongwe indaba

Chilima looking drunk

Saulos Chilima and FireBrand Akweni Kailati




Kaliati and Chilima; trouble in UTM


LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-Kung Fu skills like Chinese Jet Li were at display at the Area 12 official residence of the Vice President Saulos Chilima, where United Transformation Movement (UTM) leaders punched each other after disagreeing on voters roll.

Poor leadership skills by UTM president Saulosi Chilima has led to a degeneration of the once promising party, with Iqbal Omar exchanging blows with UTP President Newton Kambala at Area 12 residence, who has now threatened to leave the grouping. Six officials and Chilima’s security officers have confirmed.

We can also reveal that UTM has paid some of Malawi media houses not to publish the ongoing fight but focus on Malawi Congress Party after witnessing another debacle during the UTM regional meeting at the centre where NEC member Anitta Kalinde was insulted, chased and threatened with rape by a gang belonging to Kambala and Masangwi.

The fist fight between Omar who has sided himself with the powerful Secretary General Patricia Kaliati started when Kambala tried to propose a new voter roll which would have seen his team gain majority during the elections.

Omar challenged Kambala and asked him to  declare allegiance as his UTP team is now working to have him challenge Chilima during the forthcoming convention, which has been pushed to 17 December, 2018 as there are no candidates for most constituencies.

Kambala, whose camp include Manganya and Anita Kalinde stood up calling Omar “mmwenye wopanda anthu” saying he was only using money to buy the UTM and he was a confusionist.

“The Vice President who was visibly drunk just left them to keep shouting at each other, then Omar jumped on him and punched him on the nose, Kambala slapped Omar back, like Jet Li, Omar flew at Kambala, it had to take Police officers at Chilima’s side to separate them. They were insulting each other words. If you think it’s a lie, ask Omar and Kambala to hug publicly and read the body language,” said a shocked NEC member who has said a fourth group has emerged which will try to convince others to join Joyce Banda’s Peoples Party.

There are three camps in the UTM, with Kaliati’s being powerful and sweeping all regions save for Chairmanship of the South where elected Governor Mikaya belongs to Masangwi camp. Kaliati is to be named as runningmate for Chilima as the party has settled for Lhomwe and so far vetted retired Chief Justice Lovemore Munlo and Micheal Manganya Usi, both of whom have been negatively rated by UTM officials as having no popular appeal.

The other camp belongs to Kambala and Manganya alongside Anita Kalinde who was chased at the Lilongwe elections, insulted and threatened that she will be raped after she tried to intervene the elections where their camp lost. Kalinde is now leading a team of former PP officials who are trying to return to PP as they agree they have no political future in UTM.

The last camp belongs to Masangwi who wants to run for Vice Presidency as his position of National Chairman has been abolished in the UTM constituency giving his rival Kaliati an upper hand.

Omar when contacted blamed Kambala for leaking the story while Kalinde said those insulting her were sent by Kaliati and she will deal with her appropriately.

Efforts to get UTM Publicity Secretary Dr. Chidamti Malunga proved futile as his mobile phone could not be answered for several attempt

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