Best VPS Hosting Companies
Best VPS Hosting Companies

There are two different types of platforms that you can get when you get a server. One of them is called Linux, and the others is a Windows platform. The most popular of the two is Linux and is probably the one that you are using right now on the hosting package that you currently have. Each one has benefits and drawbacks, and if you are in a finance related business, there is one that is going to provide you with a little more flexibility than the other. Here is an overview of the two different platforms, and if you would like to get Linux VPS hosting, here is what you need to know.


Why You Should Use The Linux VPS Hosting Platform


This is a platform that is based upon what is called UNIX. It is an open-source platform, the one that you will almost always find with the hosting packages that you choose. LAMP is a feature that all Linux VPS hosting platforms have (see here) which is referential of Linux, Perl, MySQL and Apache software programs that all work together. This allows you to have access to FTP, which is how most people upload their software such as plug-ins that are used on WordPress installs. It also allows finance related businesses to utilize TCP, and CGI, both of which you will need to allow people to use a web browser to see what is on your website. The only reason that someone will choose to use a Windows based platform is that they are specifically using applications that are Windows-based. Otherwise, Linux is always going to be your top choice, and it offers many different advantages including being more secure and stable, and it is much easier to do backups to protect all of your information.


Linux VPS Hosting For Finance Related Businesses


There is a particular type of hosting that you can get which is commonly referred to as VPS which is an acronym for what is called a virtual private server. If you have ever used a shared server before, or a dedicated server, this is essentially right in the middle. You have dedicated allocation to your bandwidth and memory, but multiple Linux VPS hosting packages can be hosted on one physical server. This allows you to have all of the benefits of bandwidth and storage space that is independent from all other customers, yet it does not provide as much bandwidth or memory as you would get with a dedicated host. The reason that you would want to use this hosting for a finance related business is that it is cost effective, and easy to use because of the Linux platform. Best of all, you can always upgrade to larger versions of a VPS server which is easy to do because it is virtual, and does not require the installation or addition of a physical server which can take hours to set up.


Regardless of what type of finance business you are in, if you are looking for a cost-effective solution to running your business online, it is recommended that people unlimited budgets use a Linux VPS hosting package, something that is perfect for small to medium-sized businesses and will cater to the needs of all people that are in the financial industry.


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