Though several people own minimalist wallets, they are not for everyone. This might seem like a weird statement to you. Our 21-year business experience has, however, allowed us to figure the reasons why people are changing to minimalist wallets from the traditional bulky ones. Even so, the following are the primary reasons for you to steer clear of minimalist wallets.

You like Being Weighed Down

Every day, you will leave your house with keys and clutter that ordinarily weighs down your pockets. The use of a minimalist wallet is designed to reduce your load, streamline what you carry and minimize clutter. When particularly heading out on an outdoor adventure, carrying minimal clutter is your ideal choice. If, therefore, you love clutter, chaos, and unnecessary weight, the minimalist wallet is not for you.

You Love a Butt That Resembles One with a Giant Swelling

Bulky wallets will not only expand your pockets and destroy your pants, but they will also leave you with a lopsided butt. This is something few, if any, people will want. Minimalist wallets will leave you looking and feeling like you have nothing in your back pockets. The bellroy minimalist wallets, for instance, even allow the wallet to conform to the curves of your butt.

You Love Hoarding Receipts

Receipts are sometimes not just a waste of resources but also waste your space. Everyone is guilty of hoarding a receipt or two and finds it hard to get rid of some receipts. If this is your case, a minimalist wallet is the help you need to steer clear of the stockpiling lifestyle. The wallet essentially forces you to throw out any receipt you do not need. In so doing, you will streamline your finances and observe a minimalist lifestyle with the minimalist wallet.

You Wish To Have Sciatica and Back Issues When You Are Older

We cannot come up with a single person who wants back issues and sciatica later in life. This, however, is what sitting on a bulky wallet will cause. In fact, the primary purpose of the bellroy brand is the prevention of sciatica. We are here to assist you. If we all spread the word on the connection between sciatica and bulky wallets, we can prevent the condition together.

You like Carrying All Your Cards

You probably have seven credit cards, holiday gift cards, college, middle and high school IDs, health insurance cards, and business cards, among others. Carrying all these cards around in your wallet is akin to carrying bricks. A minimalist wallet allows you to carry only the essential cards. Though original wallets hold at 24 cards at most, they are designed to remain minimalist and encourage you to purge your old cards.  You thus win either way.

When it’s said and done, you have no reason to opt for anything other than a minimalist wallet. It is efficient, comfortable, small, and will keep your life structured. The wallet is thus the ideal complement for everyone leading a minimalist lifestyle.

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