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Former Bingu Mutharika legal adviser Allan Ntata on ‘WHY I MUST SPEAK NOW’

Allan Ntata
Z Allan Ntata

Allan Ntata a staunch DPP supporter accused of treason together with current President Peter Mutharika and former trusted legal advisor to President Bingu WA Mutharika has been speaking to Malawi media on what he sees to be the problems that might lie ahead for Peter Mutharika.


Allan Ntata earlier in the week published the reasoning behind the mid-night six. The group of Ministers and advisers felt that Joyce Banda who had practically resigned as Vice President could be legally challenged but that never came to pass as some in the group had a different belief and their colours shortly came to light once Joyce Banda was sworn in.

Lately Allan Ntata has also indicated that Peter Mutharika’s heavy reliance on aids or an aid has him looking more like a puppet than the master. This sentiments are not only Ntata’s alone but some die hard DPP supporters have been whispering same sentiments in private.

Allan Ntata on his Facebook page is responding to people that are questioning his motives for why he is speaking now:

For those of you who will miss the interview I had with Brian Banda (to be aired Saturday on Times TV), here is an important point:

The question and accusation I am receiving is why am I speaking now, in public, instead of speaking to the president in private as a sympathiser of the DPP?

The answer is this. I learned during my time as counsel to late Bingu that an advisor so blamed and his reputation tarnished if a principle makes wrong decisions regardless of whether the advisor advised against those decisions.

I am very aware that many still blame me for various decisions that they viewed were wrong during the DPP, claiming that I was behind them. I understand their presumptuous allegations because they have no way on knowing what advice I actually gave to the President. Luckily, I still have copies of memos of my advice to the president, which some want should know what I advised on various matters, I can provide in confidence.

But, having learned that the people never take time to investigate what advice an advisor gave, as a DPP sympathiser, I will now advise and voice my views of what’s going wrong in the open. This way, posterity will judge me honestly and fairly rather than the wholesale accusations I received from those uninformed about what my advice and views were on any given issue.

For further details on the advice I provided to the President when I worked as adviser, sober minds should read my book, Trappings of Power: Political Leadership in Africa, available on amazon and other online bookstores.

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