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Fraudster hustles K0.5 million from trusting villagers in Chitipa “I will show you how to protect Albinos”

Malawi Chief Scammed
Chief in Malawi Scammed – The chief tried to call the Mobile phone of the agent but it was out of reach.

KARONGA: Community in the area of Traditional Authority Mwenewenya in Chitipa the northern district of Malawi, have lost over K400, 000 to a fraudster, Maravi Post has established.

According to the information sourced by Maravi Post, unidentified man introduced himself to TA Mwenewenya as the donor agent told the chief that he has found an international organization that will train his subjects on ways of protecting albinos in Mzuzu.

The man also asked the chief to immediately inform his subjects about the development and that each participant should contribute K10, 000 as entry and transport fee.

“We were told by our TA that there is a certain organization planned to train us on albino protection in Mzuzu and that we should contribute K10, 000 for transport and entry fee,” said our source.

“The said agent also told our chief that we should send the charged amount through his Mpamba account of which many of us did,” they added.

Maravi Post has also found that the fraudster told chief Mwenewenya that part of the contributed cash will be used to open their bank account.

Despite only knowing the man on the phone, the chief was convinced that his subjects will get vast knowledge on how to deal with the albino abductors and killers in his area and that the participants will get huge allowances.

The man promised the chief that he has hired a bus that will carry the participants at the TA’s headquarters around 8 am.

Surprisingly, up to 11:30 am the bus was nowhere to be seen a development that angered the concerned community.

The chief tried to call the Mobile phone of the agent but it was out of reach.

Effort to talk to the TA Mwenewenya proved to be futile because his mobile phone was off when contacted.

Meanwhile, the fooled community is demanding their cash from the chief before the end of the day.

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