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Geologists rule out possible earthquake to hit Malawi, Africa

Great lift valley

BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)-Geologists have ruled out reports of an imminent massive earthquake which is expected to hit Malawi and other African countries.

There have been reports on the social media indicating that there will be a an earthquake with a high magnitude, along the great African rift system, which will happen as a result of the splitting of the African Continent.

Malawi Geology department’s Acting Director Kondwani Dombola however disputed reports arguing that are false saying impacts from the movements of the tectonic plates are not as imminent as the reports are indicating.

Dombola said studies that are being done on the African rift valley have shown that the splitting of the continent is only 30 millimeter apart, every year. Hence its effects are expected to be witnessed in a million years time.

With this, the director has advised the citizenry to refrain from spreading unnecessary alarms, as such- causes social panic, and that what is being said is likely to happen after many generations.

Currently, Malawi is recovering from Tropical Cyclone Freddy that hit hard southern districts

As of March 25, 2023, the number of displaced people rose from 563,771 to 564,239 with 577 camps set to accommodate the displaced.

The death toll remains at 511, with 1332 registered injuries. The number of reported missing persons is still at 533

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