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Global leaders to stand up for Afghanistan women, children

Former Prime Minister for New Zealand Helen Clark

By Dorica Mtenje

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-World leaders has been asked to immediately respond to Afghanistan situation where women need permission from Taliban to leave the house.

Former Prime Minister for New Zealand Helen Clark said women and girls are paying terrible price in fear and oppression at the hands of the Taliban.

Clark said as the country plunges into Chaos thousands of women and children await a worsening fate in limitation of freedom and access to heath care.

She said the situation is a worsening by the day as lives of millions of women ,children and adolescent hang in the balance.

Clark added that the unfolding Humanitarian crisis is appealing half of the population more than 18 million people including 10 million children need urgent humanitarian assistance.

She therefore call upon the international community to bring the humanitarian aid to end violence and allow the facilitation of safe rapid and unimpeded access for humanitarian workers.

The last 20 years the country have seen significant progress in some areas as women and children and adolescent notably halving the maternal mortality ratio from 1390 per 100,000 lives birth,in 2001 to 638 per 100,000 live births,in 2017 and halving the under 5 child mortality rate from 88 per 1000 lives per 1000 lives birth ,in 2001 to 47 per 1000 lives births to 2019.

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