Joyous woman with military officer

CONAKRY-(MaraviPost)-It was joy, celebration, and ululation in major cities of Guinea after the country’s Military organized a coup de tat to overthrow President Alpha Conde, 83.

But the action by the military has since been heavily criticized by regional and international bodies including  Africa Union and the UN.

However, the military men who participated in the Coup are in for a big treat.  Their move seems to be a ”Blessing in disguise” after the country’s women claim they will offer them ”free sex”

According to a popular Nigerian Blog, African Report Files, Guinea Women have Suspended Conjugal Rights for their husbands so as to offer Free Sex to the Military after Overthrowing Government.

Reports say that Married Women in Guinea have placed their husbands on dry spell mode so as to thank military officers for overthrowing and arresting President Alpha Conde.

According to Eunice Maghole the Chair Lady of Guinea Women Association (GEA), The women are offering free sex to military men for ”saving the country from tyranny”.

” We have asked every woman to stop giving conjugal rights to their husbands so as to save more energy to our gallant officers. We will give them as much as they want “, Maghole said in her statement.


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