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HANGOUT FESTIVAL 2021 November (fifth – seventh) 2021: The Road to Success

Tombo K
Tombo K

By Elywin Chighali Mhango

The annually dominated Hangout Music Festival was this year’s prestigious three-day catchments of protruding beautiful coastlines of the historical facts and obscure secrets of Salima, Malawi. It complemented a lot of entertainments, scenic trends of the bountiful Lake of Stars, Lake Malawi, juxtaposing dances, and festivities. The colorful celebrations turned out to be one of the counter tourisms symbols during one of the most unstable years in contemporary years of the world uncertainties. As the country is recuperation from the extraordinary times of the Covid-19 pandemic, the global communities neither have been spared from the astonishing epidemic dilemmas. The splendid villas and sceneries of the modish Salima beaches hosted numerous huge concerts that took place during the unprecedented periods, however none of them were as symbolic and celebrated as the Hangout Music Festival, November 567, 2021. The highly anticipated illustrious festival impacts on the voguish society and its distinguished revamps to the reclamation sectors of the tourism industry shall be remembered for years besides, in generations to come.

The prominent Maravi investment Firm, MIF and the esteemed Power Global Broadcasting Station audaciously partnered with the distinguished Hangout Music Festival management to solely adorn the magnificent Malawian audience with undeniably excellent musical tunes and instrumentations, fashion, artisans, foods, and unprecedented record-breaking moments of activities. The MIF and the Power Global Media House collaborated to debut the splashing Maravi Investment Firm Entertainment Management Recoding Artists and International Rising Stars Tombo K and Mantis, respectively. The splendid Superstars performances under the banner, Maravi Investment Firm Entertainment Management and Power Global Broadcasting Station at Kabumba Hotel in Senga Bay, Salima by the shores of Lake Malawi captivated the Warm Heart of Africa. Capturing the hearts and souls of the most diverse audience from all social classes in the history of the festivities, the duo perfected for a world of audiences in the Voyages of Discoveries to Stardoms under the Maravi Investment Firm Talent Management.

The infamous revelries of excellence correspondingly adorned several other Malawian and international musicians who made their debut at the festival to grace the remarkable historical exhibitions with collectible genius performances. South Africa Renown International Artist Makhadzi, Professor, Mr. Brown and Mapara A JAZZ was among the International and local artists who performed and graced the stages of the Hangout Festival breezy atmospheres with the likes of Lulu, Janta, Beanca, Black people and Mwanache just to mention a few. The sandy tropical waves of the dazzling Lake Malawi allured the sounds of music played during the festival; making the listeners enjoy the pleasantries of their presence at the events in the midst of the vast basin of the sweet-smelling lilies meandering along the adorable Lake Malawi Cichlids.

The landscaping habitations of the Mbuna territories became the most vibrant destiny of event goers in the blazing holiday season who gloriously made the Hangout Music Festival events essential in boosting up the Country Tourism Industry during the aftermath of the pandemic impasse. Inspiring the youthful audiences to become great stewards and distinguished Ambassadors of their homeland, the events perpetuated a patriotic spirit in the hearts and souls of the youthful citizenry through the messages portrayed during the artists performances. The patronage was palpable among the audience’s receptiveness to the musical derivatives as they embraced the benefaction of other organizations that partnered with the Hangout Music Festival as Banja La Mtsogolo whose messages of social responsibility and greatness in society aspires for excellence and great character in society. Kicking off the weekend, on the first day of the performances, Friday, November 5th, 2021, the events were patronized with huge multitudes. The festival was one of a kind with a sea of people everywhere one could step their feet upon and towards all direction’s eyes could be casted.


The vast turnout instituted a huge advantage to the Maravi Investment Firm and the Power Global Media House artists performances who patronized the gigantic audience presence to debut their incomparable talents and exclusive music compositions gracefully highlighted with elegance and generosity. The Maravi Investment Firm and the Power Global Media House enormously acknowledges the distinguished overall caliber of the management and staff of the Hangout Music Festival in opening doors for their two artists, Tombo K and Mantis who mutually graced the international podiums of the Country historical events with a Stellar performance. The immerse contributions of Wachipeta Mkandawire, Levison Msakambewa and others to the culture, music industry and tourist attractions of the Country development and economic impact besides corporate social responsibility should be highly commended by the government of Malawi and its Ministry of Tourism, Culture, and economic development. The meritorious brilliance and the propelling influences towards the Malawian Music and the Tourism industries in the Country of the Hangout Music Festivals and any other comparable events, engagements, and initiatives as such not only highlight local artists to the global arena but exhibits international and upcoming artist, respectively whereas promoting the Country cultural heritage besides attributions at world scales.

The Maravi Investment Firm and Power Global Media House in collaboration with Malavi Media Group Stellar Production Team, palpably displayed topnotch exclusive professionalism like no other. The illustrious production executive composition orchestrated a world class exhibition of the artists spotlights and sceneries of the innovative performances and aptitudes. The eminent Production Team comprised, Jozy Mataya aka McJozie and Rose Phiri aka Rose Colgate of Malavi Media Group and Elywin Mhango of Power Global Broadcasting Station whose diligent operations, day in and nights, during the entire Hangout Music Festival brought none but the State-of-the-Art ingenuities for the audience at the festivities and the world, at large.

The Chief Executive Officer of Power Global Media House Ltd, UK, Mr. Graham Kenala aka DJ Gnice and President of Maravi Investment Firm, LLC, Lucy C Chitembeya aka Lunjikani embarks on a greater vision for the entertainment industry in Malawi and Africa for a global recognition of the industry. MIF and Power Global Media House aspires in talent development and management whereas exploring remarkable talents for international exposure.

The festival audience made an incredible contribution to the Country Tourism Industry. The Hangout Music Festival was inspiring and outstanding as it posed the most attended vacation of the year with exceptional performances graced with a wide range of local and international artists.

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