Lazarus Chakwera
Despite that no unconstitutional commission has the mandate to declare a presidential candidate a legitimate winner, we just have to wait for the next presidential elections


Truth be told, Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera is our state president till the next presidential election in 2025.

Despite the unconstitutional  electoral Commission that declared president chakwera a winner, it is highly unlikely that any court in Malawi can invalidate the results of the recent fresh presidential election.

Despite that no unconstitutional commission has the mandate to declare a presidential candidate a legitimate winner, we just have to wait for the next presidential elections.

The bottom line is that our courts have become political. No wonder the former president of Malawi, Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika lambasted the judiciary for staging what he called as a judicial coup d’état.

ConCourt Judges
justices Healey Potani, Mike Tembo, Dingiswayo Madise, Ivy Kamanga and Redson Kapindu

Evidence to the judicial coup d’état was that the ruling from the Constitutional court was full of inconsistencies, ultra vires, contradictions, and fallacies.

In the wake of the uncertainty of the illegality and illegitimacy of Chakwera being our state president of Malawi, are we safe in his hands?

 Pa ground sipali bwino. That is the outcry from a local Malawian who woke up in the morning to vote for chakwera as their own president.

Asked why chakwera is turning a blind eye to the plight of the local Malawians, a die-hard is always quick to answer , “bola chakwera akulamula”.

Oh Gosh!!! A plebian at the grassroot level did not vote for Chakwera just for him to warm the seat.

A local voter was promised that his or her life would be transformed for the better if Chakwera reigns the mantle of leadership.

Contrary to their expectations, Malawians are facing untold hardships while very few politicians are amassing a lot of wealth within a short time.

Prices of goods and services are skyrocketing astronomically.

There is selective justice in combating corruption while cushioning some culprits who are on the side of the government.

Malawians need answers to the dwindling  status of our kwacha, inflation of goods , corruption, and poverty.

Flowery and good speeches by our president will not abridge the lacuna between the rich and the destitute.

Failing to fill the vacancies created by the death of our two cabinet ministers will not provide the public and social amenities to the citizenry.

Malawians are slowly losing trust in Chakwera as a president who does not have an iota of conscience or guilt for not fulfilling his own promises.

Without being asked, chakwera promised that he would provide a report on how resources were expended on two venues of his inauguration ceremony. He is a liar.

Without being obligated, he again promised Malawians that he would  affect a cabinet reshuffle by the end of December 2020. Chakwera is proving to be a celebrated persistent liar.

Without any empathy, Chakwera government increased surtax on essential commodities such as cooking oil. Which servant leadership is Reverend Chakwera preaching?

We request president Chakwera, our president, to assert himself as the president of Malawi , not just as a president of Malawi Congress Party.

Chakwera must act with urgency in the following areas if he is to restore the public trust:

1) Chakwera and his team must find solutions to the exorbitant prices of goods and services

2) Chakwera must institute a cabinet reshuffle forthwith. It is long overdue. Cabinet ministers and other Malawians cannot be psychologically tortured, waiting for an impending cabinet reshuffle  for such an extended period.

3) Chakwera must issue a public statement to empower ACB and the police to investigate any culprit including Tonse Alliance members.

4) Create jobs now. Covid 19  pandemic or not, we still need jobs to sustain our lives. We are tired of infantile debates on the differences of meanings  between a job and an employment. Any task you work for money or a living , whether formal or informal , is a job or an employment.

Dziko la Malawi ndi la Tonse ili silanokha


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