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How To Host An Unforgettable Game Night

Christmas is an ideal time to bring out the games and have some fun with your family and friends. To help you get organized and create and host an unforgettable games night, you can find a guide of key points to work through below.

Send The Invites

The first stop is the invites. Will it be an adults-only game night, or will the kids come along too?

The invite needn’t be formal; a text with all the details sent to your chosen ones is all you need. But don’t forget to double-check the date! It’s an easy mistake to make.

On the invite, make it fun and light-hearted, set a time for people to arrive, and what time, if any, you want to wrap up the games.

Once you’ve got an idea of who is coming, you can begin your hunt for entertaining games!

Choose Your Games Carefully

There are hundreds of games you can choose from, which is both a blessing and a curse.

To help you funnel them down, think about who you’re inviting and what they enjoy. But also, what’s age-appropriate and whether there’s a limit of players per game.

For instance, anyone under ten may find it hard to stay concentrated on a game of monopoly. And older relatives may not be too keen on playing an active game like twister.

Also, keep in mind; some games take longer to play out than others. So, suppose you and your friends are poker fanatics, for instance, because this casino classic takes time to complete. You may want to devote your entire game’s night to working through a variety of Unique Poker games to make the most of the evening.

When you’ve chosen a few games, don’t forget to arrange a few back-ups too. This will help you out if, for instance, more guests turn up than expected. Or your invitees are in the mood for something different than the games planned. A couple of reserves will keep the night going.

Gaming Room & Layout

With an idea of who is coming and what games you’ll be playing, it’s time to choose a room where the games can commence.

Some people get stuck between whether to choose the dining area or the living room. Many people tend to choose the living room because it’s a relaxed, chilled, fun vibe.

In the living room, you can set up your games of choice on the coffee table. If you’re worried about seating, don’t be. As long as you have some space on the floor, you can place some cushions around for people to sit on.

If you have any bean bags in the house, they’re always a welcomed addition at a game night too.

And don’t forget, try to clear out any clutter in your gaming room to prevent trips and falls. And to give your guests enough room to sit, reach for snacks, and head to the bathroom.

Decor & Setup

With it being Christmas, a decorated tree is usually enough to enhance your gaming room. Making it instantly cozy, inviting, and festive.

But if you’re planning on going all out with a theme. Such as a Las Vegas inspired casino night. A little more planning and prep is needed. A few ideas include purchasing lots of balloons, light-up casino signs, oversized dice and casino props, like top hats, and giant cheques (fake, of course) for any winners.

Snacks and Drinks

You don’t need to serve a 3-course meal on game night. But it is customary to provide snacks and drinks to ensure everyone has enough fuel to beat their opponents.

Any food that is easy to pick, which isn’t too messy, is best. This means sticky BBQ ribs are off the menu. Otherwise, playing cards, dice, and board games can get a bit sticky.

Some perfect snack options for game night are:

Any snacks people can graze that are mess-free will work!

Plus, don’t forget the drinks. On an adult game night, no matter what day of the week it is, it’s likely at least one (but most likely more) of your invitees will welcome a cold one.

Suppose your family and friends are big drinkers and have strong preferences about what they like. Add a note on the invite for everyone to BYOB (bring your own beer).

Don’t Rush To The Games

When game night arrives, don’t worry about rushing to play games straight away. Give everyone a chance to settle in and mingle.

You can set a bit of background music if you want to, to fill any initial silence. But you’re unlikely to need it for very long.

Initially, it’s your job to be the host with the most and make sure everyone has drinks and that they know where the snacks are.

Keep A Score Board

Whether you’re playing a stream of different games all night or sticking to one or two casino classics. Why not make and pin up a scoreboard to determine the ultimate winner at the end of your games night?

You could give a gift to the winner. Such as a jokey medal and crown or a box of chocolates.

A scoreboard will maintain everyone’s competitive streak. Making the games night more fun.

Beware, game nights, once started, can become addictive. And you’ll no doubt be prompted to schedule another one soon after.

With yummy snacks, a stream of fun games, and good company. And, of course, beer. You’re bound to have an unforgettable games night, so don’t stress too much. And try to enjoy it.

Lastly, don’t forget to capture moments throughout your game night. Then send them to everyone after the party as a souvenir.

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