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HRDC to hold demos against Members of Parliament for rejecting newly appointed ACB Director Martha Chizuma

Archive: The Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC)

The Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) says it will mobilize Malawians to demonstrate against Public Appointment Committee (PAC) of Parliament, which has rejected the appointment of Martha Chizuma as Director of the Anti-Corruption Bureau.

HRDC says it will hold the demonstration and match to Parliament on Tuesday, May 18 in Lilongwe to force PAC to confirm her as the Head of ACB.

The demonstration will be staged under the theme “Bring Back our Martha Chizuma”.

President Dr Lazarus Chakwera appointed Chizuma, but the appointment was subject to PAC’s confirmation.

And Chizuma, who is serving as the Ombudsman, appeared before PAC at the Parliament Building in Malawi’s administrative capital on Tuesday, 11 May 2021 for her possible confirmation.

After the vote, nine voted for Chizuma while the other nine voted against her.

Those who voted against Chizuma gave her a one out of 25.

The development, apparently, has not gone down well some members of the general public, who have faulted PAC with HRDC pushing and pressing for her confirmation.

Journalist and social media activities Idriss Ali Nassah wrote, “We are in discussions with the HRDC to quickly organize a day of rage in support of Martha Chizuma.

We will ask all Malawians of goodwill come in their numbers on the day. We will fix this country, brick by brick.”

While Brandon Nandolo, also social media commentator,  argued that PAC cannot be compromised just to favour one person, Martha Chizuma. 

“The panel is constituted by members of parliament from different political parties and constituencies.

“These MPs did their good job by cautioning the lobbying of Martha Chizuma. What is so special about her when we have competent Malawians who can do the same job, in fact, Tonse Alliance has people who can fit on that job,” he wondered. 

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