LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-The Malawi Vice-President Saulos Chilima on Wednesday evening partially broke his silence by announcing that is ready for the 2019 presidential race if duly democratic processes are to follow.

VP Chilima told the 45 minutes Zodiak Broadcasting Station (ZBS) exclusive interview that he will advance his transformation leadership agenda through a political grouping or sole in next year’s tripartite elections.

Chilima, 45, a devout Catholic, defended his association with the Church , saying the Catholic Church encourages its faithfuls to participate in politics but it cannot take a partisan stand to support a particular candidate.

During the interview,Chilima —who remains Vice-President until the end of his term next May— if he was clean from corruption as ‘those who seek equity must come with clean hands’ considering he has described the country as riddled with corruption, nepotism and cronyism.

In his response, the VP disclosed that he has not been involved in corruption but said there have been attempts to smear his name.

“I am very sure. There are two things; one is truth and one is evidence. I am very sure that I have not been involved in corruption.

“I know there have been references to an issue. May be this I should not be divulging here. I sold a house to somebody [Maxwell Namata] through an estate agency, but eventually turned out the buyer was a suspect of Cashgate. But I have never been engaged in corruption [without any fear of contradiction,” said Chilima.

Despite echoing his concerns about rampant corruption, Chilima took some time to recognize the positive side of Peter Mutharika’s government on several development initiatives such as malata and cement subsidy, community technical colleges as well as the reforms.

Chilima said there was need for Malawians to acknowledge government’s success in initiating the malata and cement subsidy which has brought decent housing for poor Malawians, adding the coming in of community colleges offers skills to young people.

“On reforms I would say we have not moved with pace. We have not performed as expected,” said Chilima.

Key highlights in Chilima-Zodiak interview as his political path flaws

He is practically accepting the malpractice of releasing the confidential letters from ACB

Are his hands clean? He doesn’t know

Religious affiliations? Roman catholic supporting his cause…? Matters of faith are Personal to him….

Area of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Government failure? Commends community colleges program and need for a revolving fund

Chilima scores highly President Mutharika on descent Housing is also encouraging effort to turn around economy have been good.

But bleeds for the reforms..a would be legacy foe APM BUT feels IT IS SLOW

The VP therefore denounced nepotism that is done very badly saying appointment based on where one comes from. He condemns it and suggests equality and avoid Homeboy syndrome

On his relationship with Mutharika, said not for public consumption

Government business, Chilima disclosed that he missed only three because of he traveled and he communicated to the boss President Mutharika and at some point he was delegated to do other activities

The VIP added that only missed one cabinet meeting in 2014 as he traveled to phalombe to attend a funeral representing the President

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