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Is Mtambo lying about being poisoned by police so he can get out of detention?

Malawi in terror: Suspected DPP Cadets petrol bomb HRDC

Supporters of Timothy Pagonachi Mtambo, the chairperson for Human Rights Defender’s Coalition (HRDC) are claiming that he has been poisoned with some unknown substance causing severe skin itching.

This came to light at the Lilongwe Magistrate Court during court appearance for him and two HRDC leaders where they were formally charged. Sources at the court said the police officer who transported Mtambo to the court, from Area 3,police station where he spent a night, made a deliberate contact on his arm causing instant itching which has since spread to other parts of his body.

Chief Resident Magistrate Violet Chipao has deferred bail ruling for three HRDC leaders to tommorrow afternoon. The three, chairperson Timothy Mtambo, his deputy Gift Trapence and executive member McDonald Sembereka have since been remanded to Maula prison. They have been charged with four counts which are similar, soliciting another to break the law, contrary to section 124(1)(b) of the Penal Code, where they are accused of contravening section 103 of the Police Act by mobilising people to shut down Sanjika Palace State House Residence,

Count 2, where they are accused of mobilising people to shut down Kamuzu Palace State House Residence,

Count 3, where they are accused of mobilising people to shut down Mzuzu State House Residence,

Count 4, where they are accused of mobilising people to shut down Chikoko Bay State House

Mtambo has since warned the authorities to be ready for consequences if his sickness gets worse.

“I rarely get sick, if anything happens to me, you will be held seriously accountable,” warned

Rights campaigner and chairperson of the Human Rights Defenders Coalition Timothy Mtambo last night escaped unhurt in a gun attack in Lilongw..

This is not the first time Mtambo has fabricated a story. Last year a story told by Timothy Mtambo  claiming that he was  shot at while driving home without witnesses was carried by Media such as AP was being questioned by many on Social Media and part of the blame is also directed at the Malawi Media which seem to lack investigative curiosity and rush to publish every accusation Mtambo has been making.

“The bullets burst the back tyre and front tyre on the driver’s side, but he managed to control the car and he drove to safety,” Mtambo’s colleague Reverend MacDonald told AFP.

The Media needs to have some Integrity especially when we have been fooled once by him

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