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Jane Ansah’s Facebook selfie that has UTM and MCP seeing DPP blue

Dr Michael Usi took a selfie with cadets as he is a Role Model and a Celebrity

Jane Ansah
MEC Credibility Is Damaged Beyond Repair Jane Ansah Celebrating DPP’s Victory..A Referee Celebrating “Manchester United Win, Ha Ha Ha How Will Arsenal Fans Feel”

When Electoral commission chairwoman, Justice Jane Ansah, announced the results on Monday in Malawi’s commercial capital, Blantyre. Malawi Opposition parties Malawi Congress party (MCP) and United Democratic front (UTM) were angered claiming she did not follow procedures and had already decided to claim the DPP which is her party the winner regardless of the evidence supporting their cries of stolen elections.

The announcement which came minutes after High Court Judge Charles Mkandawire lifted an injunction obtained by Chakwera’s Malawi Congress Party (MCP) to stop the commission from releasing the results of Tuesday’s vote.

Adding insult to injury as MCP and UTM supporters see it is Jane Ansah who has cultivated a hero’s following in the DPP has been taking selfie’s and posing with DPP cadets around the inauguration celebrations

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