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Karonga United’s new gem Clement Nyondo on the rise

Karonga United’s new gem Clement Nyondo

By Lusekero Mhango

KARONGA-(MaraviPost)-Lightening is not meant to strike the same place twice but in the case of Karonga united it just keeps on returning.

The Karonga based outfit already boast genuine starlets such as Meshake Seleman, Azizz Mwakifuna and Lusekelo Malema among those that have emerged and established themselves over the recent seasons.

Now the crocodiles of Karonga look to have unearthed another gem in Clement Nyondo to their rank after first spotting him playing for Topic Academy in an under-20 tournament in Mzuzu three years ago.

Nicknamed CR7 by the Karonga United supporters,Nyondo 21, has had a smooth and meteriolic rise towards the senior rank of a first team player.

This season the young starlet appears to have taken his game to another level having already banged in five goals as he leads Karonga’s charge for a top four finish to the TNM Super League season.

RudovikoNyirenda a sports pundit who has followed Nyondo’s progress closely, says he is not surprised with the impact that the young forward has made in the topflight.

Adding that his exceptional skill set and speed are among Clement’s biggest strength as a player which defenders are mostly frightened of.

“The combination of these two skill set makes him so valuable to Karonga as they do not have a player similar to his skill set in the squad hence he has become indispensable to them,” Nyirenda says.

Furthermore,Nyirenda, says he is impressed by his assertiveness and when he starts dribbling with the ball at his feet he is difficult to stop.

“Those qualities will not go unnoticed by big clubs as they will surely start circling around Nyondo as they will attempt to price him out of Karonga as they have done with other starlets from Karonga,” he says.

Meanwhile Karonga United coach Dan Dzinkambani, who describes the young striker as a down to earth and calm individual however says there are definitely still some areas in which clement has room for improvement.

“For example he must work on his game intelligence in other words collect, receiving and assessing situations and reacting quickly.

“If he improves his decision making he will be a great talent and player for Karonga and the national team,” says the tactician.

In his part Clement Nyondo, who idolizes Gabadinho Mhango says his ambition is to make it as a footballer and play as a profession abroad.

“I believe if I continue working hard and listening to my coaches I will achieve my dream of becoming a professional player as I believe in my talent,” he says.

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