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Kenneth Msonda continues to throw Grenades at Peoples Party

Ken Msonda

Ken Msonda; booed

Kenneth Msonda
Kenneth Msonda; now DPP member

BLANTYRE(Maravipost): It is no secret that Kenneth Msonda is the most entertaining politician in Malawi period. He fought to the bitter end in defending Joyce Banda and the Peoples party even when its demise was there for everyone to see. The Panga wielding Kenneth Msonda never does anything in half measures. As the saying goes he is always in at full steam.


Kenneth Msonda who has been away from Facebook has returned with the same zeal, now in full throated defence of the DPP who he has joined after accusing them of master minding his “panga’ wielding incident and crimes of murder. He has now set his sights on his old friends at the peoples Party.


He writes the following on his Facebook status:


MY 2017 RESOLUTION (AMONG OTHERS); not to engage or get even with those on MONTHLY-PAY-ROLL to come up with lies as a propaganda to dent innocent citizens’ reputation & integrity.


Though I know how much each one of them receives per month for ‘undemocratic, uncivilized & primitive’ way of earning a living (being paid for creating false stories, unfounded allegations etc.) I wouldn’t stoop so low to engage or get even with them.


I Am done with them; ine ndikupanga zanga (ZA BLUE) inu pangani zanu (ZA ORANGE). Mdikuziwa kuti ‘chibwenzi kapena chikwati chikatha wina namapeka nkhani zaboza zonyoza winayo ndiye kuti wonyozayo akumufunabe wonyozedwayo chifukwa cha zabwino zimene wonyozedwayo amampangila wonyozayo. Ine anga ndi maso ‘am done with you now moving on with the BLUES!!!!


All this reporter can say is welcome back Kenneth Msonda on Facebook. I feel sorry for his old friends at the Orange Party

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