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Lazarus Chakwera Vengeful tendencies might lead to the demise of the ill-gotten Presidency

Malawi leader Lazarus Chakwera

If you believe wikipedia Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera (born 5 April 1955) is a Malawian theologian and politician who has served as President of Malawi since June 2020. In addition to the Presidency, he also gave himself a cabinet portfolio as Minister of Defence. He has been leader of the Malawi Congress Party since 2013 and was previously Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly following highly controversial elections held on 21 May 2019 which were overturned by the Constitutional Court. He was appointed chairman of SADC on 17 August at the SADC 41st Annual Summit held on 9 August to 19 august in Lilongwe, Malawi . He was President of the Malawi Assemblies of God from 1989 to 14 May 2013.

The Rise of Lazarus Chakwera

Chakwera a new comer to Malawi Politics had risen very fast in the MCP. It appears from nowhere. He admitted that he joined the MCP as it was the only vehicle that would allow him to lead it. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera (born 5 April 1955) is now the President of Malawi’s Main Opposition Party, Malawi Congress Party (MCP) after dethroning John Tembo. He served as the leader of opposition in the national assembly.

His vengeful tendencies began when he eliminated long time members of the party like Jessie Kabwila and many others. This should have been a sign to Malawians. You know the little man syndrome. Kamuzu had it and Lazarus Chakwera is showing it as well. 

Dissension in the MCP has Leader Lazarus Chakwera sidelining party Favorite Jessie Kabwira

Rumours of Chakwera’s intention to run in the MCP’s presidential race were first reported in online media on 9 April 2013. They were confirmed on 14 April 2013. Chakwera later submitted his nomination papers while still at the helm of the Malawi Assemblies of God.  The MCP convention slated for 27 April 2013 was later postponed to 10 and 11 August where he was elected as the president of MCP, and he represented the party in the 2014 general election.

During 2014 Malawi General elections, rumors spread by mainly Lazarus Chakwera and his MCP supporters speculated in different platforms that the elections were rigged. Lazarus Chakwera disputed those elections. However, he did not find a willing partner in the outgoing President Joyce Banda. So, he had no choice but wait for the next Elections in 2019 which he lost .

 Fast Forward Lazarus Chakwera joined forces with UTM leader Saulos Chilima and multiple other parties to form the illegal ‘Tonse Alliance’ in preparation for the June 2020 Malawi General elections, with Chilima running as Vice President. This happened when Court ruled out the 2019 General elections due to so called massive irregularities after DPP claimed victory.

Lazarus Chakwera with the help of the illegal newly formed So callled “Tonse Alliance” (creation of Malawi Judiciary with the aim of defeating the 40% DPP support) defeated incumbent president Peter Mutharika in the 2020 election, having obtained almost 59% of the vote. Lazarus Chakwera was sworn in as the sixth president of Malawi on 28 June. On this occasion, Malawi became the first African Country to have its presidential election result overturned due to irregularities and an opposition leader went on to win the rerun election. The Republic of Kenya’s Supreme Court had been the very first to nullify in 2017, but the rerun election therefrom was never won by the opposition leader.


Lazarus Chakwera and Foreign Minister Mkaka

Katiwenge Chirambo writes:


This is an exciting story about how the MCP was outsmarted and outmaneuvered by the DPP.

Last year, immediately after the appointment of the MEC Commissioners, the MCP rushed to court. But right after Chakwera won through the rigging scheme, they left the issue lying low.

In 2021, because of some long-standing gripe Lazarus Chakwera and Eisenhower Nduwa Mkaka had against DPP appointed Commissioners Kunje and Mathanga, they thought it was time to strike.

The MCP was somewhat happy that they are now a party in power. So, they did not have an issue with what they called an “illegal commission” presiding over the election that declared Chakwera President.

The two strong, tough, and uncompromising commissioners were seen as a headache for the MCP. Chakwera and the MCP put their plan in motion.

Their attack was going to be double-pronged.

Lazarus Chakwera would use his powers as President to fire them directly. But, if they resist, the MCP on the other side, through Mkaka, must reopen the 2020 case.

The plans seem to go well, as seen with Zanga-Zanga Chikosi serving the suspension letters. But as expected, Kunje and Mathanga did not take it lying low. They fought – petitioning the courts to reverse the blunder.

Seeing the looming disaster, the then-Attorney General, Silungwe, quickly cautioned Chakwera on the dire consequences of firing the commissioners.

But arrogant Chakwera and the MCP would have none of it.

As Kunje and Mathanga were busy with the appeal, then the second plan of attack was unleashed by Mkaka. They had their judge already, Kenyatta Nyirenda, who was going to deliver the blow.

To avoid any fight and resistance by the DPP, Mkaka directly lodged his case against Chakwera. So, the DPP and its commissioners were not the respondents in the case. All the DPP could do was to watch the game, as Mkaka took his President (Lazarus Chakwera) to court.

Chakwera did not oppose, as expected, and as per their plan.

Eisenhower Nduwa Mkaka and the MCP leadership were so happy. Kenyatta Nyirenda’s ruling was going to deal a significant blow on the planned appeal of Kunje and Mathanga.

Kenyatta Nyirenda nullified the appointment of Kunje and Mathanga and all the four commissioners nominated by the DPP. Big victory for the MCP. The DPP or the commissioners cannot appeal. It was not their case – but Eisenhower Nduwa Mkaka vs Lazarus Chakwera.

Before the MCP could finish their celebrations champagne, Kunje and Mathanga withdrew their plan to appeal – and then the DPP went for a masterstroke and strike.

Through its Press Statement in July, the DPP went for the big prize, stating that the consequences of the Lazarus Chakwera and Eisenhower Nduwa Mkaka would be NULLIFICATION of the 2020 Election and subsequent elections.

The MCP snake bit its tail!

But the big thing is – the case was not based on the election results or events of June 2020 at all. But the violation of Section 75 of the Constitution.

The MCP and Lazarus Chakwera were incorrectly advised that the General Interpretation Act and part of the Electoral Act would help them, but no! The DPP lawyers, led by the legal luminary, Mhango, were ready.

The DPP is now in court against the state, leaving the MCP out, just like the MCP did to the DPP earlier on.

The new Attorney General Thabo Chakaka Nyirenda was left confused by the fact that the DPP was not challenging the electoral results.

If you look at the papers, the AG Thabo Chakaka Nyirenda is very confused. At first, he thought that the DPP would appeal against the MCP case – but it was not possible to appeal the Mkaka case because the DPP was not a party to it.

Now the MCP is left with no ability to appeal the judgement in their case to somewhat correct the situation.

Secondly, the AG Thabo Chakaka Nyirenda thought that there would be a direct challenge against the Electoral Act. But the electoral act has clear timelines on when the appeal against the results of the election can be done.


The DPP does not want anything to do with the electoral act. In fact, the DPP, in its papers, is saying that the Constitution overrides the electoral act.

The DPP went directly for the jugular. Lodging an electoral case about the violation of Section 75 of the Constitution. The case is directly against the state, represented by Lazarus Chakwera.

The AG remains further confused. But to wiggle out, he tried his last-ditch effort of using technicalities. The DPP clinically crushed those technicalities.

Again, the AG Thabo Chakaka Nyirenda is now stuck with the advice his office gave to the MEC in April. That “the act of rescission of the appointment of the MEC Commissioners would violate Section 75 of the constitution”. It is on record. He now has no defence on this case.

From the look of things, the DPP has lodged a case whereby all the affected parties, including the AG, are all reduced into spectators.

This is a technical knockout. The MCP, Lazarus Chakwera, and AG,Thabo Chakaka Nyirenda all outplayed, outmaneuvered by the DPP, are left reeling with confusion.

A re-run looks imminent, and the MCP seems to have accepted it, judging by how they have already started with some campaign activities.

Could Chakwera be reduced to a 1-year president?

Let’s wait and see. History is loading.


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