The late Buleya Lule

MZUZU-(MaraviPost)-On Friday afternoon, July 10, 2020 was coloured with news that the Malawi Police Service had pounced on the former deputy commissioner of the Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA), Roza Mbirizi, on the allegations whose details are obvious but for the sake of the law, she is not guilty until proven otherwise by a competent court of the land.

Another news went round and round that about twelve police officers are in the cooler for allegedly putting their hands in the merciless death of one Buleya Lule who died in the hands of the same men in uniform, when he was nabbed on suspicion bordering on the death of one 14-year old boy with albinism in Dedza in 2018.

Again, three weeks ago, the nation was fed to the news that Police in Limbe – Blantyre, arrested Bangwe Mthandizi Ward Councillor, Isaac Jomo Osman, popularly known as Ntopwa One.

The charge for his arrest was that in May last year, he in a company of fellow formidable pundits, stormed the residence of someone who was celebrating his victory as a member of parliament and damaged vehicles of the victim and stole his valuable items worth millions of Kwacha.

The matter is understandably before the court of law for a just verdict.

However, what may still boggle the mind is May last year is a long way back; where were the police to effect such an arrest, because what is very obvious is that a matter of such nature should have already been reported to them?

A hypothetical answer i s this question is a simple one: this police could not exercise the legal autonomy because the political leadership then, was sponsoring such criminal enterprise.

For the reminder’s sake, from the first week of July; after Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera was officially announced as the the winner of the fresh presidential election, rumours were rife that there was hullabaloo in the ministries, departments and agencies where some officers were busy running up and down in an effort to destroy and bury evidence of their abuse of power and public resources.

President Chakwera even said it on Friday when he was officially swearing in the new ministerial appointees.

Citing Buleya Lule’s death, it is public knowledge that he died as a result of his revelation that some big fish were at the ordering end of the abductions and deaths of innocent brothers and sisters with albinism.

Although results of a forensic autopsy conducted on his remains, by a competent pathologist, revealed that his death was due to electrocution, nothing tangible was done by the agents of the law and justice to ensure that the virgin truth behind the death is brought to light.

To date, the wife to late Lule is still in dilemma as to what course of action to take in ascertaining that the real master minders of the death of her virtually innocent husband are brought to book.

If truth be told; these cases in point are just a tip of the iceberg. There are so many criminal activities for which the Police will effect arrests. Such activities took place under the nose of the previous government. For obvious reasons, that government deliberately failed to halt such crimes.

Actually, it is common knowledge that the DPP led government was a system rooted in criminal enterprise.

The government provided for the escalation of so many criminal activities ranging from looting and plunder of public resources to unwarranted appointments into public positions and awarding of contracts without following the lawful paths.

But this does not in any way surprise us because the previous leadership was too passive and too tolerant to abuse of power and resources. In fact, the country was moving towards no direction.

Now that Malawi is in the hands of a new political leadership with arguably visionary and goal oriented blueprint, let justice be redefined and take its normal course. Whosoever committed crimes of whatever nature should face the danceable music.

In fact, for once, the country seems to have landed in the right hands of leaders who will drive it towards the right direction where development, rule of law, patriotism and handwork will be cultivated.

It is a pity that for ages, Mother Malawi has been stagnant in one place with no any hope of enjoying her pride as a nation, perhaps, because of the fact that the leaders who have been at the helm reached there by a random chance; of which they never thought either a brother or a crony would one day introduce them to political leadership. No wonder the leadership styles ever used were free for all kind of.

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