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MaBLEM challenges AG Silungwe’ conflict of interest on Mulli’s MK3bn compensation case revival

Attorney General Chikosa Silungwe

By Chifundo Nedi

MCHINJI-(MaraviPost)-The country’s civil right group under the banner Malawi Civil Society Led Black Economic Empowerment Movement (MaBLEM) has questioned the Attorney General (AG) Dr Chikosa Silungwe’s legality on his interest to revive Mulli Brothers Holdings Limited (MBHL)’s MK3 billion compensation case.

The grouping has therefore asked AG Silungwe to withdraw his decision to revive the case arguing that the latter is entangled into conflict of interest in the matter.

According to MaBLEM On October 29, 2020, Silungwe appeared before Supreme Court to amend a notice of appeal in the case where the government compensated Mulli brothers limited with MK3 billion for the loss of his properties of Sunrise Pharmaceuticals and Chombe Foods Limited during 2011 demonstrations.

In a letter available to The Maravi Post dated November 2, 2020 signed by its Chairperson Robert James Mkwezalamba, MaBLEM Taskforce says Silungwe is in conflict of interest in the matter in terms of fairness and justice.

Mkwezalamba observes that the current AG handled the same matter independently when they represented private lawyers pertaining to the same case which he now wants to be reviewed on behalf of Government.

Reads the letter par of the letter; “As you   might recall, you represented clients as a private lawyer prior to your appointment as the Attorney General who made serious allegations pertaining to the matter and the court issued an injunction in favor of MBH.

“This raises a conflict in our opinion as you represented private individuals on a similar allegation and now you are pursuing the same allegations on behalf of Government that compromises your independence in the matter”.

According to MaBLEM, Silungwe’s action is also setting a bad significance in the AG’s Office as whatever is being done with the current AG, another AG is undoing the same thing

This follows the fact that what the current AG is demanding to be reviewed was already authorized by former AG Charles Mhango.

MaBLEM observes further the revival of the case will oppresses Mulli and the grouping is afraid that the case might also affect other Malawians who lost their property during election demonstrations in 2019 because there are also chances that they might not be awarded their damages.

Recently, the business tycoon Mulli demanded for an extra MK11 billion from the government as a payout for his damages.

Silungwe is yet to respond on the query.

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