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Making Money from Home: How & Where?

If you’re trapped and home, but working is your everything, check our guide on how to make money online. They are effective and legal.

Digital Dough

Mostly due to Covid-19 still raging in the world, the online job market saw a significant rise in 2020/21. And this is especially good if you can’t return to your normal job just yet, but still need money to pay the bills.

We present you with the top 8 ways to make money online: from online CFD trading to influencing.

  1. Investing

Investing isn’t only about pumping millions into corporate shares. Such markets as Forex and futures are pretty accessible to everyone and require minimal investments starting with just $50.

They can make you money quickly due to high volatility, but you also should keep in mind the possible risks.

  1. Tutorship

If you’re good at French, math, coding, geometry, or chemistry — this market is for you. You can get to working right away on such platforms as Club Z, Khan Academy, Preply, Learn to Be, Skooli, and so on.

But this requires you to prove your level of expertise: certificates, diplomas, etc. Plus, you can do some scouting in the Facebook groups where college students gather — more opportunities to earn money.

  1. Freelance

Do you have a charming voice and a condenser mic? Are you good at drawing, coding, writing, marketing? If yes, various freelance platforms are at your service.

PeoplePerHour, Upwork, Fiverr, DribbleHiring, Toptal — new jobs are posted there almost every minute. All you need is a basic portfolio and a can-do attitude.  

  1. Drop shipping

Drop shipping has been a craze recently. Its concept is simple: you run a retail business. Only, it’s fully digital — you don’t have physical storage with goods, don’t hire clerks and need no window-shops.

All you need is a website and a few social media outlets. Once the goods are demanded — you can sell pretty much anything — your supplier will make a delivery. 

  1. Online assistance

Virtual assistant is a new job type that’s been in huge demand lately. Here’s what they do:

Look for these jobs at the platforms like Upwork.

  1. Landlord

This works only if you have a spare apartment or a vacant room in your house. If yes, then you can benefit from services life Airbnb, Home Exchange, TripAdvisor Rentals, and so on.  

You will make the vacant rooms generate money, but in return, it will require you to maintain hygiene and even cover the basic needs of your guests.

  1. Influencing

If you’re artistic and excel at something, you can launch an influencer’s career. Instagram or TikTok are your go-to places. First, you will need a fan crowd —at least a few thousand.

Then, you can seek sponsorship. For example, if you’re a great visual artist and can handle Photoshop like a pro, you could be sponsored by related companies to promote their stuff.

  1. Ebook

It’s a ridiculously cheap way to make money. And probably amass a small fortune. If you’re an expert in a certain area, you can share your wisdom through self-publishing.

Use free software like LibreOiffce, FoxitPhantom and Photopea to produce a book and then release it through Amazon KDP.

You can write pretty much anything about: secrets of promoting a TikTok account, the freshest carpentry ideas for dads, Japanese calligraphy guidebook, a folio on critical thinking, or a manual on solving business cases — whatever you’re a guru at.

Online Hustle

Follow our tips and get your first lucrative gig today! Just keep in mind: working from home is still working.

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