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Malawi Attorney General Silungwe nods to Prophet Bushiri’s extradition request

Prophet Bushiri and his wife

Bushiri in court in South Africa

By Taonga Sesani

BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)-Malawi Attorney General Dr Chikosa Silungwe has signed the extradition requests of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and wife Mary to face trial in South Africa on Money laundering and fraud.

This comes barely a week after South Africa government penned Malawi government for Bushiri’s extradition process.

Silungwe has told Maravi Post that he has signed extradition letter allowing minister of justice to proceed with the extradition process under extradition act.

“I have just signed extradition letter which gives Malawi to start the process as required by the law,” says Silungwe.

Self proclaim Prophet Shephard Bushiri and wife Mary escaped from South Africa in November where they are facing charges of money laundering and fraud.

The South African government applied to Malawi for extradition of the two.

Bushiri said he fled to Malawi for his safety and to get fair trial.

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