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Malawi chief Secretary Zangazanga Chikhosi is archaic, evasive, irrelevant, carelessly irresponsible in Chakwera’s Tonse admin

By Joshua Chisa Mbele

Office of President and Cabinet (OPC) in Crisis I’m yet to meet a single person who can give a compliment to the Office of President & Cabinet. One wonders what special Qualities did President Lazarus Chakwera see in Zangazanga Chikosi that he was resurrected from Retirement to head a critical office.

When OPC is in turmoil, irresponsible, incompetent and or too slow, it plunges the entire Public Administration into systematic disorganization. Nothing moves on time. History has the tendency to repeat itself.

Zangazanga Chikhosi makes the Presidency look archaic, evasive, irrelevant and carelessly irresponsible. The victim is the public image of the President. Cry Wolf. Uladi Mussa is serving a jail. Former Minister of Home Office & Immigration Services was found guilty of selling Malawian Citizenship to Burundians.

However, if you read the Judgment itself, you will find the paragraph that implicates his PS in the Ministry. Who was the PS? Zangazanga Chikhosi. In short, this man should have been serving a jail term with his Minister.

In Tonse Administration, the reorganization saw the relocation of Department of Disaster Management from Office of the Vice President to Office of the President & Cabinet. Covid Funds are coordinated by Disaster Management Department under OPC.

In short, Zangazanga Chikhosi is the man responsible.We know that MK6.2 billion was looted. Public Officers were interdicted and later left off the hook. No evidence of wrongdoing. Who really stole the money? We don’t know. Apparently the money grew legs and walked away into thin air.

Chikhosi is apparently the luckiest man on planet earth. Having failed to manage or monitor K6.2 billion, he was given another MK17.1 billion. This time the President specifically ordered Expenditure Reports on weekly basis.No Single Report has been issued to date.

My brother Idriss Ali Nassah has endlessly asked for the Expenditure Reports so that the public can appreciate how their money was used. Fellow Countrymen.

Ladies & Gentlemen, we are not selling sweets or candies on Covid Funds. We are sick & tired singing the same song. We are dragging OPC & DDM to court. It’s just a matter of principle.

We will also add a plea: Send Zangazanga back into retirement and also ask ACB to act on crimes that saw Uladi Mussa jailed of which judgment implicates Zangazanga.

Zinazo mudzikambirana kwanu komweko. Ndawala pa Town…Ine Ndwiiii

Disclaimer! The views expressed in the article are those of the author not necessarily of The Maravi Post or Editor..

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