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Malawi Council of Churches blames the Police for disrespecting churches

Written by Richard Kayenda

Police discussing with church members in Balaka during operation to enforce covid-19 preventive measures

Malawi Council of Churches (MCC) has condemned the Malawi Police Service (MPS) for disrupting player services in some churches in Balaka last Sunday.

In a statement co-signed by Board Chairperson and General Secretary of the Council, Reverend Fanwell Magangani and Grifford Matonga respectively, said the action displayed by the police officers had no regard for Christians.

The statement has further criticised the Police act describing it as abusive, dictatorial and unlawful; being conducted when there is a court injunction restraining the 21 day national lockdown.

The Council further said its responsibility at the present is to sensitise all members to abide by the preventive measures put in place by the Special Cabinet Committee on Corona virus; such as observing social distance, frequently washing hands and use of face masks.

The Council has also condemned the Police for applying selective justice, arguing the Police only targeted the churches exempting markets, bars and bottle stores which still remain fully packed and operational even during odd hours.

However, the Police through their Spokesperson, James Kadadzera, justified the act saying, the Police were just keeping the orders since public gatherings in the country have been suspended in the face of Covid 19 pandemic.

Meanwhile, Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) has also condemned the act by the Police, arguing the action was contemptuous of court since there is an injunction restraining the government from keeping Malawians under a lockdown.

Malawi has recorded 36 confirmed cases of the disease with four recoveries and three people dead of the same.

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