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Malawi courts orders fresh convention Aford to hold fresh convention

mwenefumbo and chihana

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-The embattled Alliance for Democracy (Aford) president Enock Chihana has indicated that the party’s National Executive Committee will in the coming weeks to organise the holding of a fresh convention as ordered by the High Court.
High Court Judge Charles Mkandawire on Friday made the ruling in a case where Frank Mwenifumbo sought the court to legitimise his camp.
The two camps held parallel conventions in May, where the presidents of the party were separately elected
The judge in his determination on Friday called for a fresh convention.
Chihana said he welcomed the court verdict.
“This is a welcome development because we did not have legitimate delegates. The mandate of some of the delegates that voted expired some five years ago and now I can say I have been vindicated. The problem we have is that we now have people who only want to hijack the party,” claims Rumphi Central legislator.
But Mwenifumbo said he did not expect the judgement the way it has been delivered.
The Karonga Central parliamentarian said he is re-examining the judgment.
In a one-hour ruling, the judge advised political parties in the country to find political solutions to their differences, instead of dragging each other to courts.
The court’s only mandate is to interpret the law, pointed out Judge Mkandawire, adding that political solutions can only be found within politicians themselves.:
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