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Malawi former president JB seeks fresh mandate….promises ‘posterity for all; Road to 2019

JB at 2018 PP Convetion

BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)-The former Malawi  president Joyce Banda  on Thursday sought afresh mandate from Malawians with promises of  ‘posterity for all.
Banda popularly known JB  got the nod to lead People’s Party (PP) after won the presidential seat during the party’s elective convention at Robins Park in Blantyre.
The former Malawi leader said that she has a plan to drive ‘prosperity for all’ that will get the country moving when voted back to power in May 21 2019 Tripartite elections.
Banda was feeling shocked and bruised by 2014’s presidential elections defeat where she finished third and says she’s been in listening mode ever since.
JB reminded the nation that her administration laid a foundation for economic diversification and growth, for modernization and upliftment; which has eclipsed during the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) four-years-rule.
She said rather than tweaking what has failed with DPP, her party will bring set of policy alternatives that will bring about major social and economic reforms.
Banda said it will be ‘Phase 2’ to build from the two-year rule when it restored the donor confidence and relations with the international community.
‘Our people are nostalgic of the Peoples Party leadership. Precious memories indeed of a country that was ready to take off. And this is our commitment and our promise: we shall never promise what we have not done and what we cannot do. We are tried and tested leadership. We have experience of running government.
“We have also learned our lessons: in government and in building our party. Let these lessons be our foundation and pillar in making the Peoples Party strong and resilient, capable of winning the next elections,” said Banda.
She said PP is proposing a new agenda for the next five years.
“Today, we seek to mobilise and unite all Malawians around this common vision: Prosperity for All. This agenda seeks to improve the lives of all Malawians through quality education; building capable institutions for service delivery; modernization through innovation and technology; and economic diversification and growth,” the first woman to become President in Malawi, said.
She said the PP has a concrete economic diversification and growth plan that is able to drive and uplift Malawi out of abject poverty.
JB adds, “Our economy cannot continue to survive on tobacco and subsistence agriculture. The Peoples Party will mainstream E-Commerce so that we can reduce costs of doing business and favorably compete with our neighbours and the world.
“More importantly, through phase two of the Economic Recovery Plan and the National Export Strategy, the Peoples Party will continue diversifying and growing the economy”.
Specifically, among other programs, Banda promised tp launch a Universal Fertilizer Subsidy for both commercial and subsistence farmers.
She said they will ensure that every two years the government launch a new mine in the country.
Banda also said her administration will launch trans-general electricity generation and distribution projects to support mining and big investments.
“[We will] establish an Agriculture and Development Bank to support businesses and projects for our farmers, youth and women. Intensify mobilization and support for rural housing,” promises Banda.
Banda, who governed Malawi from 2012 to 2014 in line with constitutional order as vice president after the death of president Bingu wa Mutharika in April 2012 ,
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