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Malawi Gospel artist suffix’ “Ndizichita” song faces social media backlash

Malawi Gospel artist suffix

By Taonga Seseni

BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)-Social media has behave erratically over a new song done by Gospel artist suffix.

Many people on social media have suggested that the song is a response to David Kalilani’s verse on ‘Manyazi’ by Achanza.

Alot of people believe the verse of David Kalilani in Manyazi is targeting Suffix and Gwamba who for so long had a heated beef with David Kalilani.

Known for his controversial comings, Suffix song is telling people that God is not pleased with those who publicize their deeds.

“What the left hand does, the right has should not know,”said Suffix.

Nakakhala Judge hit maker said every one is entitled to their opinion and he can not control other peoples assumptions.

“I think people should listen to the song and judge by themselves if I was speaking the truth or lirse because every Christian struggles with an issue of boasting of what they are doing for God out there,” he said.

He further said the song was written in 2018 and meant to be on his debut album ‘before I sleep’ but it did not fit in with the theme of the album.

‘Ndizichita’ got released on Monday, April 11, 2020 and has since been the talk of the day causing havoc on social Media.

The song is ready for downloads on;

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