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Malawi opposition Umodzi Party backs President Chisi’s engagement to Charity Nandolo

Umodzi Party (UP) has trashed rumours hovering on the social media that the Party President Professor John Chisi was dumped by his first wife for losing the May 21 tripartite election, saying the rumours are untrue.

On Wednesday the social media was flooded with photos of Professor John Chisi’s engagement with his new lover Charity Nandolo.

Many people mocked Chisi of being dumped by his former wife Mrs Kathryn Chisi for performing miserably in the just ended May 21 tripartite election.

In a statement on issued on Thursday UP Public Relations Officer Pemphero Mphande quashed the allegations being portrayed by social media users.

“Umodzi party wishes to refute the dangerous remarks being shared on social media that Prof Chisi was left by his former wife following failure in the previous Presidential elections and that he is about to go into polygamy.This is not true.

“Prof Chisi and his ex wife have mutually agreed to part ways and will remain friends. As a matter of fact, Mrs Chisi who currently lives and has been living in Germany for the last couple of months was there towards the end of our campaign to support the party,” reads UP statement.

The statement adds, “Umodzi Party requests that you all desist from spreading false information as this may have detrimental effects on Prof John Chisi who is a family man. His family deserves respect and it’s privacy”.

Turning to Chisi’s engagement with Charity Nandolo, Mphande said Umodzi Party President believes in the institution of marriage.

“Umodzi Party would like to inform it’s followers and the entire nation that as of 13th August, 2019 Prof John Chisi, the President of Umodzi Party is officially engaged to Madam Charity Nandolo. Madam Charity Nandolo hails from Mulanje district and is a well respected woman and citizen of this country.

“Prof John Chisi was formerly married to Mrs Kathryn Chisi. They have been on separation for months now and are finalizing their divorce. While, Prof Chisi does not want to divulge into details of his divorce thereby placing his family in the public eye.

“He would like to inform the nation that he has made the decision to officially engage because he believes in the institution of marriage. This means that as a Christian and a man of integrity one needs to have a home with a wife,” he said.Meanwhile the two lover birds will tie a knot soon.

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