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Malawi Police petitions President Mutharika…demands firing of Mwapasa, Chambuluka

: #MangochiRally by President Prof Arthur Peter Mutharika on Sunday

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-The embattled Malawi President Peter Mutharika continues sailing in the pool of troubles and demands with the latest demand coming from Malawi Police Service (MPS) to fire some of his directors in the Police service.

Barely a week after Mutharika bow down to Malawi Defense Force (MDF) demands of firing Army Commander Supuni Phiri by firing him and a subsequent promotion of Nundwe as new MDF commander, Mutharika is again being forced to boot out Deputy Inspector General of Police Duncain Mpapasa and the Director of Human Resource Joseph Chambuluka.


The men in uniform has put forward nine (9) reasons why they want the immediate firing of the two afro mentioned cops.


The junior police officers say the leadership of IG together with the duo has lost its credibility and professionalism and that the recent unprofessional conduct of police has largely been so due to Mwapasa’s directives.


The petition further says the issue of tribalism has overtaken professionalism in areas of recruitment, promotion and other benefits within MPS as well as the skyrocketing of cashgate under the leadership of the three citing an example of unexplainable riches of Norman Chisale which has been largely orchestrated by Chambuluka who retired three years ago and is working illegally since he masterminds cash gate for the benefit of Mwapasa, Chisale and Chambuluka himself.


The petitions adds that the duo of Mwapasa and Chambuluka have destroyed the ethos of MPS as the MPS now has turned to be like a political party since the current leadership saves political parties interests over the national interests.


The group of the concerned Police officers has however warned of withdrawing their services if their demands shall not be addressed with urgency, a thing they think will paralyze the economy of this country.


Norman Chisale who is the chief security officer for Mutharika has been in the media for so long with news of how he has accumulated his wealth within a short period of time though the national corruption investigative body hasn’t moved in to investigate him as he is a free man in the lawlessness country of Mutharika.


Mwapasa was once mentioned in the Police corruption scandal of food ration deals involving Pioneer Investments of Karim which also implicated Mutharika.

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