LONDON-(MaraviPost)-The British media has taken on Malawi President Lazarus Chakwera and exposed him as a liar, a clown and an ignorant president who can’t even answer basic questions about how to run his country.

It started with the London based Times in an article named “Leader flies family to online summit in UK” on Tuesday.

This British news article summarily portrays Chakwera as a clown who flies 7000 miles on a chartered plane to an expensive London Hotel where he sits on his laptop to attend a virtual meeting which he could have attended while in Malawi.

The Times of London also exposes Chakwera as an unreasonable nepotist who flies his family cronies to the summit instead of proper government officials who could handle issues at the meeting.

Nonetheless, and here comes the humour, the government officials attended the meeting virtually seated in Malawi while the President flew with his family to attend the same meeting in the United Kingdom.

It is on record that Chakwera applied to travel with 61 people to attend the online conference but the British Government refused and told him to travel with 10 people only.

British sources say their government could not accept such wastage of resources for a country that they assist with aid.

The dust of Times had hardly settled when the BBC bludgeoned President Chakwera with questions he couldn’t answer.

Chakwera miserably appeared on BBC Hardtalk program as a clown yet again, a joke with a big mouth but without a brain or substance.

Chakwera jets bad publicity in London

The BBC exposed Chakwera as a liar who can’t honour any promise to his people and a clueless leader who cannot answer basic questions on how to run a country, or articulate progress on the electoral promises he made.

When asked how many jobs Chakwera has created, he says there is an affordable input program for farmers.

The Malawi president quotes numbers of farmers who received affordable fertilizer as an answer for jobs created. Chakwera cannot even know the difference between creating jobs and giving handouts.

Ironically, the farms input program Chakwera cites as his job creation was begun by the opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) where his predecessor President Peter Mutharika championed creation of skills and building community colleges to create self-employment but never cited farm inputs as job creation.

In its promotion of the Hardtalk program advanced on its website, the BBC calls Chakwera a mere “preacher turned politician” who is practicing nepotism.

The advert says Chakwera is about to take on the SADC leadership when he cannot “even honour promises he made to his country.”

The derogatory use of the phrase “he cannot even honour” suggests that Chakwera is failing to lead his small country in basic things and becoming a regional leader is only a nice dream.

In short, the BBC thinks Malawi has a leadership crisis. The Times of London thinks Malawi has a clown of a president.

The British Government thinks Chakwera is a joke, a time waster and an extravagant globe trotter wasting billions of poor Malawians.

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