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Malawi Publication mocks both Lawyer Raphael Kasambara and his client Prophet Shepard Bushiri

Raphael Kasambara

Kasambara- Answering charges of conspiracy to murder Mphwiyo

Shepard Bushiri
Prophet Bushiri: Compare and contrast with the daughters pcitures

Malawi Voice was accused by Lawyer Kasambara of Publishing on the Internet the Death of Grace Chinga and Alleging Involvement of Major Prophet Shepherd Bushiri. In defence of Bushiri lawyer Kasambara threatened further action if the articles were not un-published. However in response below the Online publication appear to mock the famed lawyer:


Full response from Malawi Voice Publication:

He has engaged Ralph Kasambara to commerce a legal battle against Malawi Voice. Starting from when he was both Minister of Justice and Attorney General and a PP legal executive, Ralph has been on a case with Malawi Voice. On one Mother’s Day, he sent police to arrest one of Malawi Voice journalist in a fabricated case.

Ralph Kasambara has since posted a summon on his Facebook page, in which he has listed a number of issues that Malawi Voice shouldn’t have said about Bushiri.

What he wants is for Malawi Voice to write Bushiri a letter and apologize failing which, he is going to start legal proceedings against Malawi Voice.

What I find particularly interesting in what Ralph is accusing Malawi Voice for is that Malawi Voice said Prophet Bushiri belongs to a cult and that he is not a man of God.

I know Ralph is big when it comes to the law but here it seems like he is giving himself a daunting task. I don’t think there is a way Ralph Kasambara can prove that Bushiri’s is not a cult, that he is a prophet or that he is a man of God. Which court would find someone guilty of thinking that Bushiri is not a man of God as he claims?

Not long time ago, Bushiri wrote an open letter to the president asking him to treat him special because his position is not a voted for position like that of the president, he was given by God. He also said he expected to be treated better than other church leaders in Malawi because he has money.

It all is very surreal, the way Bushiri looks at himself and expect everyone else to look at him in that kind of way. It is crazy!!!

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