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Malawi Supreme Court Orders LL South East Poll Rerun  


Namasasu (L) and Msungama (R)

BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)–Malawi Supreme Court, the final court of appeal, on Monday ordered a rerun of elections in Lilongwe City South East constituency following allegations of fraud.

The ruling means incumbent MP Bentry Namasasu of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) will face Ulemu Msungama of the main opposition Malawi Congress Party who challenged results of the 2014 polls.

Msungama challenged in the High Court the results of the May 20 2014 Tripartite Elections parliamentary race in the constituency on the basis that his votes were counted as the DPP candidate’s.

The court had earlier ordered a recount but it did not take place because fire gutted a Malawi Electoral Commission warehouse in Lilongwe where ballot papers had been kept.

In October 2014 High Court judge Esme Chombo ordered the electoral body to conduct fresh parliamentary elections in the constituency.

But DPP’s Namasasu appealed to the Supreme Court.


In their determination, a panel of three judges; Justice Edward Twea, Justice Lovemore Chikopa and Justice Anthony  Kamanga upheld the High Court’s decision  that there should be a rerun.

They also faulted MEC for the fraudulent election results.

The judges also ordered Namasasu of DPP to pay costs of the court battle.

According to the ruling, the Malawi Electoral Commission will have to set a date for the rerun.

Speaking on ZBS Tuesday morning, Msungama said he was excited with the ruling, saying justice has prevailed.

“The court’s decision will give people in the constituency to choose a leader of their choice,” said Msungama.

The ruling is likely to be held as a milestone in Malawi’s politics as most election related cases do not far in the courts.

The Central Region where Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi is located, is considered a powerbase of the Malawi Congress Party.


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