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Malawian Airlines continues to fall short on Equipment and customer service

Malawian Airlines gets bad Reviews from Travelers

LILONGWE (MaraviPost): Malawian Airlines Limited is the flag carrier airline of Malawi, based in Lilongwe and with its hub at Lilongwe International Airport. It was established in 2012 after the liquidation of Air Malawi, the former national airline.

However, since its inception the Airline has serviced clients with Equipment in dis-repair. Seats filthy and unclean. Some of the seats had no cushions

Malawi Airlines assign seat without Cushion to passenger

Selina Mulima a Passenger on her facebook page wrote On Wednesday 18th I was allocated seat no. 17B on Malawian Airlines. The seat had/has no cushion. Someone help me understand this.

My seat was filthy, uncleaned”
M Sangher (Malawi) 4th December 2019

? Trip Verified | Johannesburg to Lilongwe. Was originally booked on SA170 but due to their strike I was rebooked onto Malawian Airlines ET21. The whole process was a total mess. Boarding gate staff pulled aside 5 or 6 passengers because they did not scan passports at the check in counters – made us wait until the entire flight was boarded and then scanned us and boarded us. After that, I was seated in 1C business class. My seat was filthy, uncleaned and plastic parts of the seat were broken and cracked. The tray table for food was broken and sat at an angle with the food tray sitting on the edges delicately and precariously!! Hostess did not seem bothered about this and still place food and drink on the wobbly table which was frightening. Food was abundant, it was very tasty and enjoyable. Could not fault it. Aircraft information card was fool of dried food – obviously not cleaned for ages. Will never want to be on this aircraft again if I had a choice.

luggage is left on the tarmac”

Z Aldworth (South Africa) 15th July 2019

Not Verified | A smaller aircraft is currently flying between Blantyre to Johannesburg, due to the runway construction at Chileka Airport. Unfortunately, when the plane is full, luggage is deliberately left on the tarmac. I understand this is for safety reasons, but some communication from Malawian Airlines would be really appreciated. Or a simple solution will be to restrict passengers to 1 piece of luggage until the runway is completed and the bigger plane is flying again.

“no idea where our bags are”

G Fairley (United Kingdom) 30th April 2019 Not Verified | Due to a recent and short notice government decision to close the longer runway at Chileka for maintenance (which we only found out from reading a local newspaper), Malawian Airlines only other larger aircraft, a 737, cannot be used. So, flight schedules were altered after we arrived in Blantyre and the smaller Q400 was used instead. As we taxied for takeoff, I spotted a trailer full of luggage (with my easily identifiable suitcase on the top) tucked away behind 2 military helicopters. Clearly the right decision had been made not to overload the smaller plane – by intentionally concealing a trailer full of bags. No-one at Chileka advised any passengers, which was quite underhand and just shunted the problem onto staff at OR Tambo. When I told the other passengers about the background reason, they were understandably as angry as I was. We had two onward flights and our bags were not checked through to our destination due to advice from our travel agent. I really felt for the family travelling to Brazil, who’s luggage was also left on the tarmac. Had Malawian Airlines check in staff advised us of the overweight issue we would have checked the bags with destination labels. So now, we’re back in the UK, no idea where our bags are and not confident, they’ll be intact if they do eventually reach us. Security at Chileka is ‘relaxed’. And the reality is this problem will exponentially escalate as the excess baggage problem continues rolling over into successive flights. Malawian Airlines just need to be honest with their passengers and explain the situation! Nobody will dispute a safety decision but implementing it in a sneaky and underhand way just aggravates the situation. If you are booked with Malawian Air from Blantyre to Johannesburg, or Blantyre to Lilongwe (Blantyre is the middle stop for the aircraft to pick up passengers for the service between Johannesburg and Lilongwe) over the next few months ask direct questions about luggage capacity on the aircraft, and insist on answers when you are checking in for your flight, and take as much in your hand luggage as you can

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