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Malawians denounce heavy importation of second hand clothes

Used Clothes hurting african Economies

A vendor sells second-hand clothes in Nairobi, Kenya.

By Brian Longwe

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)- Malawians on social media have denounced heavy importation of second hand clothes into the country.

They have argued that there is need to commercialize the country’s textile manufacturing industry and slow down heavy importation of second hand clothes locally known as Kaunjika that are mostly bought from West and far East (China and Korea) countries.

The concerned citizens were commenting to a recent article on The Maravi Post Facebook page;  psychological-damage-done-second-hand-clothing-africa.

Readers established that second hand clothes are chocking local markets in a handful East African countries including Malawi.

It has been learnt further that second hand clothes have eloped many markets in Malawi as they go on give away prices than locally made garments.

For instance, one can buy a second hand clothes at MK1500 which could have been bought at MK10,000 from local companies.

Tirelo Lesetedi highlighted that “the truth is that these clothes help many people who would otherwise be unable to buy locally produced goods.”

Joseph Khonje chipped in saying that; “People cannot spend more than what they have, the fact is that we don’t like the second hand stuff, but we can’t do otherwise because we don’t have monies to afford brand new clothes.”

“Therefore, there should be government’s intervention in bringing in proper procedures that will boost up local textile manufacturing companies so that they will be able to sell their products at cheaper prices corresponding to kaunjika,” Lloyd Del Trommel added.

The article also revealed that hand-me-down clothes come along with side effects like skin infections and psychological effects to consumers.

Currently, some African countries such as Kenya and Uganda have banned the use of second hand clothes as they have embarked on manufacturing their own clothing lines.

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