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Malawians in North America take the initiative to raise funds for Flood Relief, You can donate

Floods In Malawi

Since December 2014, Malawi has been receiving torrential rainfall. During the past few weeks, this has caused devastating floods across the nation, especially in the southern Districts. As a result, at least 176 people have been killed and over 200,000 people have been displaced. The floods have also heavily impacted the ability for communities to sustain themselves. It has damaged crops, livestock, and infrastructure. This has put a strain on the public health system and accessibility to potable water. Weather induced blackouts are now more frequent causing larger effects on the country’s economy due to people being unable to conduct business. Banks and shops have closed placing a strain on the recovery efforts and the private sector’s ability to assist. To make matters worse, the country is expecting to continue to receive normal to above normal rainfall during its rainy season, which lasts until March.

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In response, the Malawian community living in North America (USA and Canada) has come together to form North American Malawi Flood Relief Effort (NAMFRE) in which various individuals, groups, and organizations are collaborating on a joint effort to assist with this natural disaster in the country of our origin.

You can assist by making a donation in any amount to this effort. Your contribution will help feed people and will help these communities to rebuild. Please send this information to friends, family, or co-workers that can assist in our relief efforts. Any donation made will be tax deductible with receipts available upon request.
Tax ID#: 32050369894

We have identified the non-profit groups, Lion’s Club of Malawi and the Rotary Club as recipients of these funds. We will work with these organizations to ensure that relief gets to those who need it the most in a timely fashion using independent oversight structures that we have put in place. The recipient organizations were selected based on the following considerations: reputable organizations with a long standing history, previous experience dealing with similar disaster issues and operational wherewithal, agreeing that all funds sourced will be used to provide relief to those who are affected by this disaster and need support the most; and their willingness to provide feedback, transparency, oversight and evaluation of their work.

Security officer Cristina Mderu from World Vision International, an NGO providing relief, has called it one of the worst floods noting that “…many areas are submerged and inaccessible….” The government of Malawi has declared a state of emergency in 15 of the country’s 28 districts and has appealed to the international community for support in the form of food relief, non-food items, tents and rescue operations. Support is needed in terms of emergency relief, as well as, long term assistance due to a pending food crisis and cholera outbreak that may arise in the near future due to the disaster.

We are calling on Malawians, descendants of Malawi, and friends of Malawi to support our efforts to help victims back home in various ways. Our current effort aims at collecting money to send to non-profit organizations that are already on the ground, and have the emergency relief infrastructure and networks already in place.

ABOUT NAMFRE: The North American Malawi Flood Relief Effort (NAMFRE), is a collaboration of Malawians residing in the USA and Canada. This initiative is supported by various communities of Malawians and non-profit organizations across North America.

Click here to support NORTH AMERICA MALAWI FLOOD RELIEF by Ken Malomboza

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