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Malawi’s schools double shift Curriculum faces challenges

By Tawonga Sesani

BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)-Schools have been fully opened in the country after several months of closing the schools as one way of preventing Covid-19 pandemic

The opening of the schools has come with a new curriculum of allocating specific days and hours to accommodate all learners in class which is called double curriculum shift.

After visiting several schools the arrangement seem to face challenges.

Visiting St Pius primary School in Blantyre, classes at the school have been split to enable the learners sit at a recommendable distance.

Every class at the school has a hand washing station while every learner has face mask on.

But it seem there was poor communication between the school administration,parents and learners on which time and days they should be reporting for classes.

Not only St Pius primary school but even at Njamba, CI and several other schools in Blantyre, some learners had to be sent back after they already report for school asking them to come the following day.

The double shift curriculum is facing implementation challenges such that headteachers and teachers in several schools are failing to understand what they are suppose to do as it is a new system.

Several schools administration complains that communication did not come timely from the Ministry of Education saying that the where not given enough chance to rely the message to parents so they should prepare.

Meanwhile the schools administration has appealed to well wisher’s to assist them with personal preventive equipment (PPEs) so that classes are not affected.

All classes have resumed on Monday October 12 following the previous classes which resumed on September 7, 2020.

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