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Malawi’s Un recruited Teachers to hit over 19 000



The country’s struggling education system is set to reach the most disgraceful scenario ever; as it will on record have over 19 000 qualified but un recruited primary school teachers come November 2015.

Records at the Ministry of Education indicate that the ministry has 10,500 un recruited Initial Primary Teacher Education (IPTE) 8 and Open Distance Learning (ODL) 3 teachers who completed their education last year but they are yet to be slotted in the system, and in November the country’s teachers training institutions will graduate 9650 primary school teachers.

This is in spite of the country facing persistent shortages of teachers in the country’s schools, with statistics confirmed by secretary for education Lonely Magaleta indicating that the current teacher pupil ration stands at 1:200.

Magaleta said that the recruitment of the 10500 teachers has delayed due to unavailability of resources at treasury. She said the ministry would at least require MK 2 billion to cater for the three months’ salary for the 10500 teachers.

“Recruitment is not a one man task, each ministry which would like to recruit members of staff. We have the department of human resource which is under the Office of President and Cabinet which provides the establishment warrant to give you a go ahead to recruit.

“Before that establishment warrant is issued the ministry of finance has got to make sure that government has available resources to pay the recruited members of staff, so three ministries are involved. We are currently liaising with the department of human resource and the ministry of finance so that this process should be shortened as possible. “Said Magaleta

Apart from the current 10 500 unemployed primary school teachers, the records at the ministry of education also show that government is failing to recruit 650 secondary school teachers.

Government Chief Secretary George Mkondiwa said that currently government has no funds. Without elaborating when will the resources be available to recruit the teachers.

“Our responsibility is to make sure that people that are qualified should fill the vacancies that we have in our system. Once the ministry of finance makes available the funds for employment people will be employed, because people cannot be employed when there are no funds, “Stressed Mkondiwa

In response to this development, Teachers Union of Malawi (TUM) Secretary General Dennis Kalekeni has since condemned government of deploying a torture like approach in the recruitment of teachers.

“I think government should be ashamed of this development. Why are they continuing to train teachers when they know that their absorption rate is almost zero percent? Off course we are aware that the country is going through a financial crisis, it is therefore important to make sure that every penny is well utilized. If government is aware that it cannot employ any teachers, it should not be laboring to train them

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