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Mchacha attacks UTM members ; says are smugglers and corrupt

Former MCP DCs into Chilima Movement

By Alick Junior Sichali
BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)-The Ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) southern regional governor, Charles Mchacha, on Wednesday turned the official opening of 15th National Agriculture Fair into a political rally by attacking United Transformation Movement (UTM) members.
Charles Mchacha who was not among the speakers at the official opening of the Agriculture Fair surprised the masses when he said UTM is a group of people who are corrupt and smugglers.
Mchacha said UTM is a group of people who have lost direction as they don’t know what to do.
The DPP southern regional governor went on saying that the ruling party members love the vice president and UTM leader, Dr. Saulos Chilima, but he is surrounded with bad people.
He said the political grouping which is being headed by the Veep is yet to be registered and that its members greedy.
“At DPP we love Dr. Saulos Chilima, but the thing he is surrounded by bad people who just want to receive favors from the President of the country. Most of the members that are in the so called United Transformation Movement are smugglers and corrupt,” Mchacha said.
But this was contrary with what his boss, President Peter Mutharika, said during the official opening of the national Agriculture Fair as he said people should avoid politicizing things meant for development of Malawians.
President Peter Mutharika said the factor of politicizing things is making ordinary Malawians to continue suffering as this does not add to the development of the country.
Mutharika said Malawians should learn to work together in different things as that can help political leaders achieve their common goal of developing their areas.
In his opening statement, Mutharika said the country should respect farmers as they are doing a magnificent job of feeding the country and also making sure that the country gets foreign currencies when they sell their produce outside the country.
“Few days ago I was in China, I should say here that I was impressed to see people their working together in development activities, I saw the civil society organizations, political parties, and government departments working together,”.
“So here in Malawi lets adapt this spirit lets avoid politicizing everything and work together to achieve our common goal which is development,” Mutharika explained.
Meanwhile, UTM spokesperson Chidanti Malunga has condemned the ruling party politicizing state functions.
DPP on a number of occasions has been blamed for politicizing functions and including people on the program who were not supposed to speak.
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