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Lazarus Chakwera taking control of MCP, demotes and fires those that oppose his Policies

Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma

Chatinkha Nkhoma Malawi Business Woman and MCP Royalty, Calling for the Ouster of Lazarus Chakwera

MCP Leader Chakwera
Lazars Chakwera likely to lose in 2019 Again

LILONGWE- (MaraviPost)– Lazarus Chakwera leader of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has Engineered the firing of Salima Central legislator Felix Jumbe alongside some senior party officials including Denis Nathumba, Lyton Dzombe, Chatinkha chidzanja Nkhoma and Azam Mwale from the party for what he deems as sowing divisions within its ranks.

Lazarus Chakwera also led the charge to suspend its Secretary General (SG) Gustav Kaliwo , Spokesperson Jessie Kabwila and lawmaker Joseph Njobvuyalema  while pending disciplinary hearing.

This follows the MCPs National Executive Committee (NEC) which the Autocratic President Lazarous Chakwera chaired on Wednesday at its headquarters in the capital Lilongwe.

Jessie Kabwira at Loggerheads with Lazarus Chakwera

Kabwira told the Maravi Post this morning that she hasn’t been officially communicated to but hinted that she will respond accordingly.

On Wednesday, The Maravi Post reported that MCP SG Kaliwo was bared from attending the indaba for being accused of holding secret meetings and siding with the disgruntled districts and regional chairpersons who are demanding for the party’s main convention over poor leadership.

NEC members of MCP moved to quell dissent in the party, dispelling allegations that its leadership is nepotistic and intolerant of other views.

They accused the Jumbe led rebels for their actions in fighting party leadership as tantamount to holding the MCP to ransom.

Some disgruntled MCP members were calling for an early convention in protest of party president Chakwera’s style of leadership.

MCP NEC members were invited to the indaba but lawmakers Felix Jumbe, Joseph Njonvuyalema, Makala Ngozo, Jessie Kabwira  didn’t show up for the meeting citing security concerns.

Meanwhile, Chakwera is expected to hold a press conference on Thursday morning at its headquarters aimed at clarifying the development.

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