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MCP leadership and speaker Msowoya say they were entitled to expensive cars while accusing Mutharika of waste

Richard Msowoya
Richard Msowoya Malawi Speaker Of Parliamentr

The main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has accused the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) of planning to impeach Speaker Richard Msowoya over four vehicles the national assembly bought for the Leader of Opposition and Speaker’s offices saying the move will not work as the latter were entitled to those cars.

This comes barely few days after the Malawi Parliament through its Public Relation Officer, Leonard Mengezi moved in to issue a clarification as to why the August house purchased four vehicles meant Leader of Opposition, The Speaker and two deputies worthy MK300 million saying treasury approved the funds for buying such cars in 2014/2015 national budget.

 Addressing the new conference on Thursday, November 5, in the capital Lilongwe, MCP alleged that there was plot to impeach the Speaker using the disputed vehicles with evidence that millions of Kwachas were spend wrongly while the country was going through economic turmoil.

The conference which was co-hosted by Dr. Jessie Kabwira, Amoni Nkhata, Alekeni Menyani, Madalitso Kazombo and Chankhwantha the party’s Publicity Secretary, Mining Shadow Minister, Director of Public Relations and Director of Youth respectively hinted that MCP was ready to surrender the vehicles including of its leader Chakwera registration umber MG393 AH to settle down the temper the DPP government has set.

“The DPP government isn’t sleeping with the role MCP is playing in checking its affairs. Because aren’t happy with us, they have set numerous traps to dent the party’s image with fake stories that the public shouldn’t have trust on us.

“This is the reason they brought the Parliament vehicle issue out of proportion just to divert the public attention on DPP mess. DPP is doing all it can to smear MCP with mad such that plans are underway to impeach the Speaker over the vehicle issue.

“MCP won’t allow the plot to materialize as the Speaker is for all Malawians though he comes from MCP. The sins the Speaker has committed is not shielding his two deputies over house allowances scam which did not go well with the DPP government as they belong to their camp”, alleges Menyani.

The party revealed that it was ready to surrender the vehicle for its President Lazarus Chakwera which the Parliament purchased together with the speaker’s office saying the party did not ask for it but rather an entitlement for the Leader of opposition.

“MCP is ready to withdraw the car Malawi Parliament bought for Dr. Chakwera as such the party will make sure that all other 240 vehicles government bought recently for ministers, directors and principle secretaries worthy MK22.5 billion are also disposed for a fair play. A fair policy review must be done immediately on the purchasing of the cars for public officers that might apply to everyone not sparely as it currently pursued”, challenges Nkhata.

There was no immediately reaction from Francis Katsaira when Maravi Post contacted on the alleged plot to impeach Speaker Richard Msowoya. But during the developmental rally in the capital Lilongwe which DPP held on Tuesday, November 3, through its Secretary General Ekileni Kudomtoni accused the Leader of opposition and Speaker of not working with government saying the two offices don’t have interest on DPP agenda to move the nation forward.

The nation is yet to witness the alleged plot of impeaching the Speaker with the Malawi Parliament opening on Friday, November 6 till December 4, 2015.

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