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MDF soldiers ready to uphold Malawi’s election case verdict

MDF Soldiers beat DPP cadets for inciting violence in Blantyre

MDF ready for court verdict

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-Malawi Defense Force (MDF) soldiers are now in camps acquiring advance training on how maintain order and uphold sovereignty and court ruling.

Thousands and thousands of MDF soldiers will be deployed in all major cities of Malawi the day Constitutional Court will decide to give out its final judgment in the ongoing presidential case.

According to the MDF General Vincent Nundwe, perpetrators of violence will be detained and dragged to MDF prisons regardless of their political affiliation.

Nundwe has further urged youths from all political parties including DPP to refrain from any act of violence activity that may endanger their opponents or any citizens across Malawi before or after court judgment.

MDF has further assured Malawians that they will uphold sovereignty and court ruling that no one will be able to stand against it out of order.

Meanwhile MDF has deployed soldiers to Kasungu to restore order and peace at Nkhamenya area in the district following this week fracas.

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