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Meet Ashley Mandowa of Mandowa & Company Real Estate in Atlanta

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Ashley Mandowa

Hi Ashley, thanks for sharing your story with us. To start, maybe you can tell our readers some of your backstories.

My story started while I was sitting at my post-undergraduate law firm job. I thought in that season of my life that is where I wanted to be. After a few months, I started to get bored of my job. I was working as a foreclosure specialist, foreclosing on people’s homes Monday through Friday. I started to find myself becoming depressed because of the job I was doing. My co-workers were miserable, my managers were miserable and so was I. I was sitting at my desk one Thursday afternoon daydreaming about the weekend when a real estate agent walked into my office. The agent looked so much different than me in the sense that he wasn’t living for the weekend like I was. We started talking and, in that moment, my manager came down to yell at me for doing a task my superior had asked me to do previously. I realized in that. moment, how miserable I really was. I sent an e-mail moments after giving my two weeks’ notice to my employer. I logged online and bought my real estate courses. My older brother, who I want to be just like, was actually taking the real estate courses when I made this decision. I figured what better time. I quit my corporate job, went back to serving/bartending at red pepper taqueria (my college side hustle), and studied for my real estate courses. I took my set of exams and passed! I immediately started working October 2017 as a licensed realtor in metro Atlanta area. With not a clue what I was doing at first, I was in it to win it. Failure was not an option for me. I picked up every education class I could get my hands on. I went through hours and hours of CE training, I hosted open houses, and most importantly I groomed my sphere. Fast forward to 2021, I have sold 70 homes and made my way into the top producer world. I got where I am because the grind never stopped for me. This was what I told myself was going to work and there was no turning back for me.

We all face challenges, but looking back would you describe it as a relatively smooth road?

Of course not. Nothing you want ever comes easy. I struggled in so many ways. Confidence, Consistency, Financially, but I kept pushing because I knew I had a dream for where I want my future to push forward in.

Alright, so let’s switch gears a bit and talk business. What should we know?

I am an Associate Real estate Broker for Coldwell Banker Intown. I help people sell/buy/invest and rent real estate all over Georgia. I specialize in listings, relocation, and first-time home buyers. What sets me apart from others is I run my business with kindness. I do not purchase leads, making my business 100% referral-based. I love on my people, and in return, they refer me their people. I like to tell my clients, I may be in sales, but I do not sell you a home, the house sells itself. Your body is going to tell you when you are in the right home for you. I just help you execute your dreams. For me, I practice patients with my clients. Finding a home really is not in our hands. It’s all about timing, and regardless of how long it takes, I will be there with my clients each step of the way until we find home sweet home.

What does success mean to you?

I define success through time spent and experiences. My career provides me with financial freedom that I need. I am about to spend time with my family whenever I want or even take that random trip without thinking twice.

Contact Info:

Instagram: mandowaandcompany

First Published: VoyageATL

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