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Melinda Gates prophecy on Africa manifested? As advanced nations crumbled with Covid-19 spike

Melinda Gates prophecy on Africa manifested

NEW YORK-(MaraviPost)-Remember Melinda Gates, the uncalled and self acclaimed prophetess who prophesied deaths in the streets of Africa. 

Melinda Gates

She said, she saw in developing countries streets (Africa) littered with bodies ,now her prophesy is been fulfilled in the developed countries most especially the United States of America..

America have recorded over 83,000 Coronavirus death an according to a forecast, it might hit 160,000 in October. 

This was a forcast made and predicted that once the after normal duties and activities are resumed, that the country would experience more Coronavirus related death.

Meanwhile, some residents of the country are clamouring for the United States President, Donal Trump to leave/ vacate the office since he has failed to help control the disease. They are now blaming him for ineptitudes for always throwing fault at the China. Some even go as far as pointing to an article written by the New York times where president Donald Trump was said to have been educated regarding the infection on schedule but he neglected the possibilities and failed to shield the nation from the biggest assault and impact of the infection.

Well, to God be the glory, Melinda Gates prophecy hasn’t come true and would never come true on Africans. And we pray to God to help those countries that are massively affected. 

It is yet another prove that we Africans are serving a living God. The God of Abraham. I am not saying other continent don’t have or serve the Almighty. But he knows we are developing and we always call on him. 

Indeed, God is wonderful. 

I am delighted as Melinda Gates has been put to shame on this Vaccines agenda.

She and her husband Bill Gates, are always looking for a way to depopulate the World.

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