DC Brand Cloud.
Dorothy Nkhoma also known as Dorothy Shonga on Facebook.

Written by Patseni Mauka

As DPP through the Minister of Information, Henry Mussa, struggle to deny Vice President Dr Saulos Chilima’s revelations about DPP’s corruption at Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) and Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA) among other government departments, more signs of DPP’s corruption are surfacing.

Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA) Chief Executive Officer Dr Collins Magalasi, who is a die hard DPP supporter is on a million Kwacha spending spree with a concubine using a company called DC Brand Cloud.

Magalasi, who is President Mutharika’s trusted boy, was Chief Presidential Adviser before being appointed as head of MERA. A trusted DPP operative, he played a major role in writing DPP’s 2014 manifesto which has been branded by many as ‘a bunch of lies’.

A self confessed devout Christian married with kids, the MERA CEO fell head over heels in love with a shrewd ‘business woman’ called Dorothy Nkhoma also known as Dorothy Shonga on Facebook. Miss Nkhoma is experienced in a strange business. The woman is said to be experienced in fooling ruling party gurus into giving her election related contracts in exchange for her ‘services’.

Miss Nkhoma has landed the lucrative ‘business’ of buying campaign materials for DPP using DC Brand Cloud company. According to air tickets, itinerary and photos that she voluntarily posted on Facebook, in March 2019, Nkhoma went to China to buy DPP campaign materials worth K200 million.

Early April, she went to China again to buy materials worth K300 million. In a space of three weeks, she spent over K500 million Kwacha. The biggest question is where is the money for buying DPP election materials coming from? Why is the MERA CEO responsible for buying DPP election materials? The answer should be within MERA’s accounting system.

This is why Chilima’s revelations about government departments funding the DPP campaign should be taken seriously by all Malawians. According to Chilima, the two institutions have been siphoning money called funds for “special operations” which they are using to support the ruling party.

As quoted by the Daily Times Chilima said, “Let me warn MRA and MACRA officials. You are using money for what you call special operations yet you are sponsoring the ruling party. Come May, I will hold you personally liable. I will not hesitate to put you on special trial when I become president,” he said. Chilima said there were many government departments and agencies that are using tax payer’s money to fund the DPP political campaign and he promised to expose them.

At a rally in Neno yesterday, Chilima challenged the DPP government to let independent auditors go through transactions at MRA and MACRA. He revealed that a DPP Regional Governor is using fuel cards from these institutions for use on DPP vehicles that are criss-crossing the country for campaign.

MACRA, MERA and MRA are some of the notorious government departments that are funding DPP. Tax payers who pay billions of taxes every year should be angry and vote this government out next month. DPP is stealing taxpayers money and using it to convince them to vote them back into government to steal more money!

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