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Mia cheers up arrested Mangochi’s MCP members in Zomba prison

Mia cheers up arrested Mangochi's MCP members in Zomba prison


By Leo Mkhuwala

Vice President of the main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP), Sidik Mia on Thursday spared some time to lead party officials, members and supporters from the Southern and Eastern Regions to visit the party’s shadow MP in the May 21 TPE elections for Mangochi Central Constituency, Anussah Hassan and Deputy Youth Director, Wilos Nkwuwu whom police had arrested on Tuesday night.

After the visit, Mia said, he had decided to come and see the two arrested party members so that he could together with other members, encourage and assure them that, the party is rallying behind them and that, they should remember that, their bad experience is temporary hence it will come to pass.

The MCP Veep said he was happy to see the two in good spirits, a thing which is rare in the face of an arrest and jail.

Mia also took the opportunity to condemn the hypocritical tendency of those in power who  rush to arrest people from opposition parties on trivia while many on the governing side move freely even after they have committed serious crimes.

The MCP second in command also grabbed  the opportunity to condemn acts violence during demonstrations, stressing that “MCP is a peaceful party and does not condone any violence.”

Among the MCP officials accompanying Mia were National Campaign Director, Moses Kunkuyu, National Deputy Director of Social Services, Gerald Kazembe, Acting Regional Chairman for Eastern Region, Sam Kawalazila and Shadow MP for Zomba Central Constituency, Steven Burgess.

Both Hassan Anussah and Wilos Mkuwu were arrested in a midnight  raid in what police say  was in connection with recording a video during the July 4 demonstrations.

Police allege that, the two MCP members had in video insulted and threatened the current Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) legislator for Mangochi Central Constituency, Victoria Kingstone.

It was observed that, police officers from the Eastern Region Police Headquarters had travelled all the way to Mangochi to arrest the two and thereafter took them to the regional headquarters police cells where they locked them up.

The two who are in the hands of police have been charged with Intimidation and Use of Insulting Language.

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