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Mkandawire questions Justice Minister’s reasoning on Bingu’s wealth; MLS support his calls

Bingu WA Mutharika
Late Bingu WA Mutharika

BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)—Mzimba West lawmaker Harry Mkandawire has questioned the reasoning of the government especially the minister of justice and constitutional affairs on late president Bingu Wa Mutharika’s wealth, arguing there is no way a whistleblower can bring original documents.

Mkandawire asked government to trace and recover the estimated K61 billion estate stashed in several bank accounts and assets abroad but government through the minister of justice asked the MP to bring original document saying the one presented was a photocopy.

Reacting during news night on ZBS on Friday, Mkandawire has laughed at the government reasoning saying an informant cannot produce original document.

“First and foremost, all what I was doing was to whistle blow. I came across some information and I was passing on it to the relevant authority which is government through the minister of justice and leader of the house on government side.

“Now, surely you don’t expect a whistleblower or an informant to have original document of whatever information is passing on. Now what I expected from the government is the content, the information I was passing on,” said Mkandawire.

He added: “If I go to the police and say I see that Mr. X is committing an offence, should the police pass on the onus on me can you go and investigate and bring original document? I think that’s laughable.”

Mkandawire also said the same happened in Zaire where the government recovered billions which Mabuto Seseko had in several accounts abroad.

“It happened in Zaire when Mabuto Seseko died, the government that came got information through a whistleblower. Actually this information came from Switzerland that here we have millions, billions of dollars that were deposited by former president Mabuto Seseko and the government made a follow up.

“They didn’t have to say oh you are an informant, give us the original documents. What they needed was the information and they acted on that. They went to the Swiss government and recovered the money which the president accumulated corruptly,” he said.

Asked if he was sure that the government can act on that considering the fact that the DPP is the current ruling party, Mkandawire said “Yes, my assumption was that the DPP we have is probably a changed one. I dint want to attach the current DPP to the one we knew the last time.”

Meanwhile, Malawi Law Society Malawi Law Society has backed calls by Mzimba West MP to probe how former president late Bingu wa Mutharika accumulated over  K61 billion in wealth which he stashed in offshore bank accounts when in 2004 he declared that he had only K250 million worth of assets.

President of the Malawi Law Society (MLS) John Suzi Banda said Malawians have a right to know if indeed their money was stolen by Mutharika.

“The MPs should deliberate on this issue but parliament has no skills to probe this complex matter probably the police and the law enforcing agencies can come in because they have the skills to investigate complex foreign bank accounts,” said Banda.

The document, presented by Mkandawire to parliament on Thursday shows, among others, Mutharika was getting 10 per cent of all payment to international Portuguese contractors, Mota Engil on all contracts awarded by the government.

The document also shows Mutharika had bank accounts in US, Taiwan, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Mota Engil around 2008 and 2009 paid for Mutharika’s full holiday in Portugal and the company constructed Mpumulo wa Bata and the former president’s Ndata home.

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