Malawian tanker set ablaze
Malawian tanker set ablaze

LILONGWE (MaraviPost)—The rebel fighter group Renamo in Mozambique has sent a clear message to Malawian government that Mozambique is now a no go zone country as they have embarked on ambushing Malawian fuel tankers which pass through the country by setting them ablaze.Three days ago, the no nonsense fighters set ablaze a Malawian fuel tanker.

On Saturday, three more trucks have been set ablaze as well.

Saturday’s incident happened at Nyasakara, the same area which has witnessed the shooting of Malawians on their way to Mozambique.

Narrated a track driver who saw militia men shooting and killing other track drivers after the militias mounted a roadblock.

“There were about 10 trucks that stopped because of the adhoc roadblock set up by the militia men. I was behind so when one militia man directed his eyes at me, I raised my hands up as a show of surrender while praying.

Burnt out truck
Burnt out truck

“He came shouted something in his language which I did not understand but I fell on the ground and immediately he left me for others after his master called him and this forced me to flee into the bushes,” he said adding that he crawled into the bushes where he stayed for over 30 minutes and after there was silence, he crawled back to the road, got into his vehicle and returned.

The volatile situation in Mozambique is likely going to cripple Malawi economy further as the landlocked country depends on Mozambique for fuel importation.

In an earlier interview, Chief Executive officer of Importers Petroleum Limited (IPL) Kadango, whose fuel tanker was set ablaze three days ago said that Malawi lost over K 20 million of fuel in the inferno.

“We have lost about K 23 million worth of fuel that was set on fire together with the truck that was carrying the fuel,” he said.

Kadango added that the country is looking at other alternatives on how it can transport fuel.

“We are thinking of using the Zambia- Zimbabwe route which is safer than the Mozambique route but it will depend on whether Zimbabwe will allow us to use its pipeline.

“If all goes well then we will be transporting fuel via that route to protect lives of Malawians as well as property,” he added.

He further warned that the proposed route would be expensive than using Mozambique.

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