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Mr President Chakwera, VP Chilima, don’t take Malawian youths for granted

Malawi president Lazarus Chakwera and his vice Saulos Klaus Chilima

Chilima and Chakwera

By Kayode Chimpango

Dear Your Excellency Dr Lazarus Chakwera and Right Honourable Saulos Klaus Chilima, collectively and in unity you are running the Government of Malawi,every success and failure will be attributed to the both of you. Make no mistake about it. We are watching and listening carefully, attentively to everything that is happening.

The moment the youths and women calls it enough is enough,I promise you that will be the beginning of your problems that may lead to your downfall from grace.

If you recall vividly during your campaign trails,the majority of frontliners were the youths and women,most of them were/are jobless,uneducated and poverty stricken; but they pulled the best strategy in diffusing the system of then administration.

Apart from other key players that we are aware of. The youths and women are/were the integral part in the process of victory.

This is what is on the ground as I write to both of you:the youths,men and women are hungry and angry at your administration.

Some of the complaints are;

Yet to be fulfilled promises
1) Universal fertilizer
2) 1 million jobs
3) Free duty week
4) Free electricity and water connections
5) K14,000 passport and driver’s license.
6) Equal and fair justice system
7) Soft Loans. And many other promises.

Point #1

It is only two bags per person now not as you promised to be universal, the other points you have publicly communicated that it will take time to be fulfilled due to other protocols and logistics that needs amendments-fair enough.Though you are yet to give us timelines.

The bone of contention is what Neef has outlined as requirements for individual loans as far terms and conditions are concerned. The conditions are hindrances as most people will be ineligible to access the loans. In other words,the regular folks feel that they have no where to seek solace as everything seems to favor the rich,the well connected people and the political families.

The anguish keeps on boiling and growing towards your administration and don’t think these folks are impatient or are just being ignorant or arrogant. No ways,these people are restless and hopeless,they want to feed their families through their own sweat derived from their small medium enterprises, which can only become a reality once they access Neef’s loans.

1) Job creation.

Every Political Party by now was supposed to have permanent and employed workers in different departments.

For instance;

-Mcp has presidency seat and Utm has vice presidency seat and both parties have infrastructure as a headquarter. At this office come up with departments. Among those,one can be media and marketing department in which some youths and women can be employed permanently with a basic monthly salary. In so doing jobs will be created whereas now,the youths use their own money to promote and defend their respective parties on various social media platforms.

2) Public Narratives and Awareness.

Apart from the weekly review program which is held every monday and is only centred on Statehouse activities.

There is a need for the office of Minister of information to wake up and be active with public narratives and campaign of awareness.

The hot issue at the moment is Neef’s loans. Minister Gospel Kazako must hold a presser with Neef’s representatives to shed more light on the loans and other important aspects thereof.

Unfortunately, Kazako seems to be working privately and not effective enough as we all anticipated. In few polite words; the minister seems to have forgotten where he is coming from,the passion he had before the appointment.

Mr Kazako tadzukani chonde! Mukubuleyetsa ngini.

3) Director of Youths of Mcp and Utm.

Hon Bon Kalindo and Hon Richard Chimwendo Richard William Banda

You are the voice of reason on behalf of the youths in your respective parties. The youths in your parties are murmuring and complaining about the injustice in our midst as far appointments are concerned.

Did you know? there is no person who has been appointed for any position who is under the age of 35.

The Neef’s loans we were promised that they will be soft but now they’re so tough and hard as a bone. Inuyo zimenezi simukuwona?

Kodi mukati ndinu ma DOY,mumayimila ndani? Zipani zanu or achinyamata?

No! NO! This is too much,we want to hear from you,what’s going on?

4) Minister of Youths and Sports.

Hon Ulemu Msungama kodi zimene akudandaula achinyamata simukuwona or kumva?

Are you not supposed to be our spokesperson and defender?

You promised us job,loans and many other things but today mwayiwala…. tizitelo?


President Chakwera no matter how many eloquent remarks you may wish to make,if you don’t reconsider these Neef’s loans,the youths,men and women will come after you with all force.

Veep Chilima,you may host thousands of those mindset change events,they will bare no fruits until you redo the Neef’s loans.

Tatopa ndi umphawi, inuyo mumayakhula ndikuchita zinthu while muli ndi zinthu zaboma,kugona munyumba zaboma,magalimoto aboma, ndalama mukugwikitsa zaboma, magroceries a command ana anu akupita masukulu odula through ndalama za boma, umphawi simukuwuziwa so don’t tell us to be patient, we won’t.

You can’t tell us to hold on while inuyo mukukwanitsa kugula fertilizer, mukukwanitsa kudya katatu. …. ifewo tikulephela zonsezo, so this thing of patience doesn’t carry water.


Tonse Government mukapanda kusamala the opposition parties will take advantage of this and fund someone to give hope to the youths and women to cause Anarchy in this country.

Don’t think anthu sangapite ku msewu.

Don’t think anthu sangabweletse mpungwe mpungwe mudziko muno through mademostrations.

Zikomo kwambili poti mwava!

Disclaimer! The views expressed in this article are the writer’s, they do not reflect the views of The Maravi Post

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